One World United on Safe Sex with Dr. Love

One World United on Safe Sex with Dr. Love

Kwambie:Hope everyone had an awesome week. We welcome to the studio one Dr. Love, sex expert par excellence. Today being the last session on focus on matters sexual we are doing things a bit differently with Dr. Love taking in calls from different parts of the world, from readers and followers of ‘Wacha ni Kwambie Uzima’ and questions from members of the ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio right here at the heart of Nairobi. Welcome Dr. Love.
Dr. Love: Thank you Kwambie. The great city is looking all spruced up. Kidero’s grass has began sprouting. Always a pleasure to be back home after my travels. One thing that always amazes me is the similarity of human problems irrespective of geographical location; Mumbai, Lagos, Kampala, Ontario, Melbourne, Washington D.C, you name it sexual wellness is key to  human survival. I am particularly excited about today when I will be interacting with followers  of your blog from different parts of the world.
Kwambie:Charity begins at home, so allow  us to begin from home as we build up on the discussion Dr. Love.
(Below is a transcript of today’s deliberations with Dr. Love)
 What is safe sex?
Safe  sex is sexual activity engaged by people who have taken precautions to protect themselves against Sexuallly Trasmitted Infections or Diseases e.g. Genital Herpes. Safe sex entails that a new barrier i.e. condom is used every instance that one has sex. Condoms should be from trusted suppliers. Condoms should be stored in a cool and dry place for proper storage. People should ensure that they use water based lubricants because oil based ones can cause the rubber or latex condoms to break.
Nairobi County, Kenya.
What are some of the common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
HIV/AIDS, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Human Papillomavirus, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Syphillis, Trichomonaisis are very common.
Nairobi County, Kenya.
How does one protect oneself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?
Everyone should have the facts at hand on STDs. 
Abstinence from sex  is the surest option of protection. 
Vaccinations now exist against some STDs, like those causes by the human papilloma virus.
Mutual monogamy with ones partner.  
Reduce the number of sex partners.
Always use a condom. 
Know your status.
Mombasa County, Kenya.
How do I protect myself from unwanted pregnancy?

To reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy among women who are sexually active, a couple must use effective birth control or family planning methods correctly and consistently.

Kisii County, Kenya.
What types of contraceptives  exist?
The most common reversible methods of contraception include Intrauterine contraception, Hormonal methods e.g. pills  and implants, Barrier methods e.g. condom.
Permanent methods of contraception exist that is female sterilization by tubal ligation and male sterilization by vasectomy.
Georgetown, Cayman Islands.
My faith does not allow me to use contraceptives, are there natural methods of preventing one from unwanted pregnancy.?
Absolutely. This involve the use of fertility awareness methods or natural family planning methods.

This basically involves avoiding sex or using barrier methods of contraception during the woman’s fertile time. One uses their body signs and symptoms to assess if they are currently fertile and likely to get pregnant if they have sex. This involves daily reading of temperatures, monitoring changes to the cervix, following the length of the menstrual cycle.

Istanbul,  Turkey.
Is . . incest a type of sexual assault?

Yes it is. Sexual assault ranges from child abuse , to rape, to incest to assault on boys and men.
Any sexual act that is not of mutually consenting adults is sexual assault.
Washington State, U.S.A.
What does one need to do in the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault?
Seek medical attention immediately. 
Report the crime to the police. 
Seek future safety away from the perpetrator of the crime. 
Get forensic evidence.
Melbourne, Australia.
How can I reduce my chances of sexual assault?
Change your route if you suspect you have a stalker. Tell someone you trust about your suspicions. Have a rich support network of friends , colleague, law enforcers who can assist you if caught in a precarious position. Computer safety is paramount. Do not overshare about your geographical location and social habits on social media.
Kampala, Uganda.
I am surprised that people can assault children, how can we protect young ones from sexual assault?
Choose and vet caregivers, do background checks on people like nannies. Train your children on

intimate body parts and that  no one  should cross the boundaries set. Create an open communication environment with your children so that they can communicate to you. Protect your children’s privacy on social media not everyone needs to know every little detail about your young ones location.

London, United Kingdom.
Does sexual assault have long term consequences?
Yes. For this reason a victim should be managed well. Post traumatic stress disorder, depression, self harm, flash backs, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, substance abuse can all haunt one who has been abused.

Widhoek, Namibia.
Dr. Love: As a wind up to this discussion on Safe Sex and specifically sexual assault if a friend of yours has been assaulted listen and communicate without judgement. Ensure that the victim gets adequate self care be it emotional or physical. The victim should enjoy fun and leisure like the past, let them write down their thoughts, meditation and relaxation techniques can be helpful. Be a friend with positive energy to a friend who has fallen victim to sexual assault. Do not ignore the physicals; sleep, food, exercise are important.
It is imperative that victims seeks medical advice from trusted medical providers for traetment and counseling services.
Kwambie: Thank you Dr. Love for taking the time to visit the studio and sharing your knowledge and expertise on matters sexual this month of July.

Readers it has been a pleasure navigating through the world of sex. I come from a  conservative culture on matters sexual. So this has been a real eye opener. We navigated through common sexual myths, differences between men and women towards sex, how to deal with sexual tension, managing one’s libido and giving it a wrap with a focus on safe sex.
See you all again next year on the cold sizzling month of July in Kenya if the good Lord wills, when we shall have one year’s experience in our adventure in sex. A toast to Sexual wellness! A toast to sizzling, awesome and  healthy sex  lives!
Kwambie Nyambane,

July 2015.

Dr. Love is a figment of the blogger’s imagination and bears no relationship to any living person.