A journey through our kitchen – what men and women need to stock in their pantries

A journey through our kitchen – what men and women need to stock in their pantries

This month of August begins a  journey through Physical Wellness with a focus on Good Diet. If you are like me, sometimes you ask yourself whether you are optimizing your diet if not for yourself then for the good health of your family.
This new month  we navigate through a healthy diet. A healthy diet helps one maintain a healthy weight, keeps one looking their best, helps support ones mood, reduces stress and a myriad of health problems.
Make a dietary resolution with me to at least change one aspect of your diet for the good of yourself this month of August.

Kwambie Pledge: I purpose to drink more water and minimize or cut  out sodas and fizzy drinks from my diet I also purpose  to eat more fresh fruits and incorporate more vegetables into my diet.

Today. at a glance we  navigate through our kitchens and discover together what men and women ought to have in their pantries. Due to their body differences for obvious reasons, men and women have unique dietary needs…. Here goes without further ado..
For women only…..
Tip 1. Incorporate a lot of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean sources of protein.
Tip 2. Aim to have whole plant  based foods that should be minimally processed. Think brown rice over white rice.
Tip 3. Lots of calciumfrom dairy products, kale ‘sukuma wiki’, beans to safeguard against bone disease.                                                          
Tip 4.Reduce on caffeine and alcoholic intake.
Tip 5. Get enough  iron from foods like liver and spinach to safeguard against losses due to menstruation.
Tip 6. Reduce on artificial and processed sugars. Think honey over processed white sugar for example.
Tip 7. Stock up on healthy fats that are obtained from vegetable sources as opposed to animal sources.
To boost  our  feminine  fertility

    “Too much or too  little weight affects our fertility.. aim for optimal weight.Switch protein sources  from animal protein to vegetable protein sources.Choose fruits rich in vitamins; colourful fruits and vegetables as beyond pregnancy it nourishes our body.Incorporate fish into our diet.”
Men need healthy diets too.. it cannot be just about the beer!
Tip 1: Watch your weight. Though men need more calories than women because of more muscle and physical activities.
Tip 2: Men need more protein because of greater physical activity.
Tip 3: Foods rich in vitamins and minerals to protect from bone loss, eyesight loss and muscle loss.
Tip 4:  Calcium to prevent bone loss . Dairy products like milk are rich in calcium.
To boost male fertility
     -Foods rich in zinc for healthy production of testosterone and sperm e.g. steak.
    – Foods rich in folate like asparagus.
    -Foods rich in  magnesium like spinach.
    – Foods rich in selenenium like fish.
    -Sesame seeds also promote male fertility.
In general foods rich in soy, genetically modified foods, processed foods, foods rich in pesticides, herbicides and hormones, processed sugars are harmful to fertility both for men and women.
We are what we eat! Eat breakfast, eat regularly, cut the junk, watch your portions and have adequate amounts of water daily.
An awesome weekend to all! To a healthy diet and then some more.
Kwambie Nyambane,
August 2015.

Kwambie is a food science degree graduate from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya and is passionate about healthy food and lifestyle!