Kwambie and Mwanamke Mwema of Hodari Interiors: Bedroom decor

Kwambie and Mwanamke Mwema of Hodari Interiors: Bedroom decor

It has been a roller coaster of a week both in my personal life and also my country’s life, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel, hopes springs eternal if we each carry our own weight in life, do as we are supposed to do as  the great Pope Francis alluded in most of his wishes and speeches in Kenya.
Without further ado allow me to introduce you to my long time friend and former high school  classmate and collegemate ‘Mwanamke Mwema’, award winning entrepreneur and owner of ‘Hodari Interiors’ who meets me today at the studios of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ to share with us a few of her secrets regarding pimping up our homes specifically our bedrooms:
Kwambie: Welcome to the studio Mwanamke Mwema, allow me to call you  by the name we knew you in high school by- Mwema.
Mwanamke Mwema: Cool Kwambie! I am also tempted to call you by your popular name of them college days too – Nyambs, but I much prefer Kwambie to be honest.
Kwambie: Kwambie it is then.
Kwambie: You have not changed at all.. You do not look a day over eighteen.
Mwanamke Mwema: Stop the flattery… I think I could look better but since I  began watching what I eat and taking my Sunday morning runs like you do, I have noticed a positive change in my appearance. Kwambie, I am loving that orange flower detail on your hair. Seems like you have joined the natural hair sisters movement?
Kwambie: I have. I think it looks great and it has been easier on my personal budget too. I am also into scarves and accessories these days, but let us not go there. You know given the chance I could talk about issues related to My Kwambie Style the whole day long.
Mwanamke Mwema: That’s true. And to be honest I find it difficult to reconcile you with the geeky girl of yester year.
Kwambie:(chuckle) People do change………for the better.
Mwanamke Mwema: I am humbled to  engage your audience of Wacha NiKwambie Uzima on matters bedroom décor today. Together with my years of experience, I went ahead and researched further on the topic at hand.
Kwambie: Thank you. The floor is all yours girlfriend.
Mwanamke Mwema: To begin with we need to understand  that there are key things that every bedroom needs , I repeat that very bedroom needs. As basic as it may seem, every bedroom  needs a good mattress that on average should last ten to fifteen years. I have also been following your discussion on pimping up our homes this November and indeed every bedroom needs a theme that brings in harmony and congruence in the bedroom. To add on to that every bedroom should have the right amount of throw pillows and a place to sit that may not necessarily be the bed. This sit can be used to read, for ladies to apply their make up and so on.
Kwambie: I am scribbling this away. I think everybody who cares about their quality of their sleep will take good notes of what you are saying too. Is it okay to have a TV in your bedroom? Also sometimes I see many working with their laptops in their bedrooms. Is this okay Mwema?
Mwanamke Mwema: Absolutely not. As principal avoid having electrical gadgets in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation and a good quality sleep. Perhaps I should get the Jubilee government to lobby for a no techie law  in the bedroom.
Kwambie: (smiles and chuckles)
Mwanamke Mwema: Paramount too is a well stocked night stand that has water, a book, a simple plant of flower, and a good reading lamp. Make sure that this is mirrored on both sides of the bed for balance especially in the case of lamps.
Kwambie: I love the ideas of photographs and paintings in the bedroom.
Mwanamke Mwema:That is fine as long as they are neutral. Try and avoid family photos in the bedroom. This evoke strong emotion which you do not need to go through as you go to sleep.
Also in general, every bedroom should also have a collection of things you love and that give you positive vibe. And at least have one item that evokes some drama in the bedroom like an outstanding painting, colour scheme or chandeliers for example.
Kwambie: Wow, wow,I could never have enough of my make up. I hope that counts for ‘things that I love’?
Mwanamke Mwema: Oh Kwambie, you still have that innocent sense of humour even after twenty years?
Kwambie: Oh well, some good cheer and laughter is good for the soul and that is what has kept me afloat my sister in the two decades after high school.
Kwambie: Now  Mwema, allow me to pick your brain on certain areas regarding bedroom décor. That is décor for the master bedroom, for  our children and our guests. I am sure that there are special nuggets of wisdom that you can share with us regarding the same.
Mwanamke Mwema: I think experience is the best teacher. Let us look at photographs of different bedrooms in my house for us to appreciate the uniqueness of the three.

(The audience of Wacha ni Kwambie Uzima goes through different slides projected on screen)

Kwambie: Wow! Is this home right here in Kenya?
Mwanamke Mwema:Yes, I live in Kiamunyi Estate Nakuru County.
Mwanamke Mwema:For my master bedroom to attain that hotel décor look I ensured that the curtains were draped to the floor. But as fate would have it my bedroom has a stunning view of Lake Nakuru.
I also ensured that the master bedroom’s decor was simple and absolutely clutter free. This made the ornate headboard stand out in the bedroom. My bedsheets are also of high thread count and I have several fluffy pillows too.
Kwambie: Amazing. I am truly inspired. Which makes me wonder who your art teacher in high school was? You have truly made her proud.

Kwambie: What about the kiddie bedroom?

Mwanamke Mwema: I have been blessed with one daughter whose bedroom is lavender themed. This lavender theme was incorporated in her choice of beddings, curtains, sheets, pillows and comforters.Very important to note with children is that their tastes change with age.
I also incorporated a lot of colour in the window treatments and used some of her toys read dolls for internal décor. To make the room as exciting as possible I splurged on paints, prints and murals.
I used certain education aids; charts. toys and books as décor. To develop  her organization skills, I ensured that there was ample storage for her play things. There are two lampshades too in her bedroom. One to deter the imaginary monsters that she used to see when she was  younger.
I plan to put some glow items in her ceiling too, to give her an imaginary sky she can marvel at at night.
Before I forget, if your children are old enough let them own the process of designing their bedroom.
Kwambie: What do you mean?
Mwanamke Mwema: Ensure that they are with you every step of the way. It is after all their bedroom.
Kwambie: Thank you for those insights on the kiddie bedroom. And as we almost come to the end of the interview do you have a word or two to add on the guest room?
Mwanamke Mwema: The main aim of the guest bedroom is to ensure that your guest’s stay at your home is enjoyable. Make it a home away from home. Apart from the general guidelines  that we discussed earlier on in the interview ensure that the following are available: extra pillows, an iron box, a tray for their personal effects e.g. jewellery. A night stand with a lampshade and books or magazines, a towel, curtains that keep out light, good quality sheets and beddings, a  midnight snack e.g. fruit, inhouse shoes or sandals, but most importantly a warm spirit that makes anyone feel at home.
Kwambie: So much information Mwema on matters bedroom. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.
Mwanamke Mwema:Thank you too Kwambie. Hope to see you too at the Twentieth Year Class reunion.
Kwambie: Yes, looking forward to the same and catching up with many of the ladies after such a long time.
Kwambie: So there you have it, readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ on matters décor of our bedrooms. I dare you to have a bad looking bedroom, so to speak.
Have a  lovely weekend and let us all meet next week when we bring this topic of pimping up our homes to a wrap when we focus on the bathroom and the kitchen.
Kwambie Nyambane,
November 2015
Writer’s note: This article is dedicated to my dear mother Moraa Nyambane, who created for me my first home. Whose home had the greatest accessory of all; pure unadulterated love for her family.
Mwanamke Mwema is a figment of the writer’s imagination and any resemblance to any living person is highly regretted.
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