A few tips on Leadership Communication

A few tips on Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication is in three levels:
What a leader says to himself or herself.This is normally dependent on one’s attitude
and affects ones self esteem and confidence.
What a leader communicates on a one on one with other people. This is normally
private communication. This calls for one to be prompt, direct, respectful and honest.
What a leader communicates to a group in public and is normally the type of
communication that propels a leader from good to great. Prepare and do practise well.

Before embanking to communicate to a  group of people know what you are talking about.

In as much as you are speaking to a large audience ensure that you put your message across as if talking to an individual.


Empathize with your audience. Put yourself in their shoes so that your message resonates with their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Be open minded and be flexible enough to change your message depending on the circumstances and the mood of your audience. And on a personal note, enjoy the moment. Use public forums to sharpen your presentation skills and to  build your profile as an authority in what you are presenting on! A blessed Sunday and a happy new week ahead to all!

© Kwambie  Nyambane,

April 2016.



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