‘Is education the only key to success and happiness in life?’ Some random nuggets

‘Is education the only key to success and happiness in life?’ Some random nuggets

It is not just about having the papers, but having a goal of where you want to be; single minded focus, do or die attitude for what one hopes to achieve in life, a positive attitude towards life, the so called ‘softer skills’ also a bit of luck, being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people is what I discovered from my reading….

Nugget 1
What you choose to focus on becomes bigger – if you choose to focus on negativity and failure and so shall it be with you life. If you choose to focus on success and happiness, so shall it be with you.
Focus on where you want to be. Relationship excellence? Physical and mental health Excellence? Professional excellence? Business Excellence? Spiritual Excellence? Take your pick.

Focus on those who and what matters the most.
Ask yourself this question, ‘One year from now will it matter? ‘

Nugget 2
Be grateful. Nurturing a spirit of counting the blessings in ones life will help one sail through the storms of life. One could be thankful for the big things in life like a new job, promotion, or latest investment deal, or first business profit but sometimes it is about the small little things that add up incrementally like a compliment from a perfect stranger, or passing a CAT in school, or that hairstyle that you have been wishing for that looks really good on you when you finally try it out, or even no jam on ones way to work.

Nugget 3
Do not take everyone’s opinion about you personally – sometimes it could be about the person and not you. Sadly, due to people’s experiences in life and personalities they may try and transmit their negativity to you hence creating obstacles to your own success and happiness,

Nugget 4
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in life. Go for what you want with passion and when you get it celebrate and aim for even greater. However, when you do not get it, learn to handle rejection. Rejection is not the end of life. Rejection in all spheres of life though bruising, sometimes causing immense hurt and pain enables one to polish oneself for the best is yet to come.

Nugget 5
Manage your finances. Budgeting and learning how to prioritize ones finances is key to happiness and success in life. Feeling out of control in matters personal finance is a source of great stress in life. In the same breathe it is never too early to start investing in life. Common sense tells us that the earlier one begins investing the greater ones financial freedom later on in life.

Nugget 6
Another nugget to happiness and success in life is to watch whom you share your personal joys and struggles in life with. Not everyone who smiles and laughs with you is for you.

Nugget 7
One should always put ones best foot forward. Consider the case of two exam candidates; there is the one who got the B grade but is extremely happy and contented because they put in their all, yet there is another candidate who is depressed and surly who got the same grade because they know that had they worked harder they would definitely have attained the A grade. From what I gather, this is it. This is life. The stage is all set for our individual acts in life. This is it, life is not a rehearsal. Let us give it our best shot, ALWAYS!

Nugget 8
Life owes us nothing, we have to put in the sweat. On the other hand if you feel undervalued seek a second opinion from a second and trusted opinion.

Nugget 9
Savour the moment. Even as we aim for greater let us enjoy the stage where our lives are in. If single, enjoy what comes with being single. If married enjoy the same. If a student enjoy that stage in life and so forth and so on.

Nugget 10
Savour nature. Watch a sunrise or sunset, stop and smell the roses, enjoy the beauty of a butterfly, appreciate the cloud formations, I am currently enjoying seeing the rain drops on my window… Get the drift?

Nugget 11
Know your passion, strengths and capabilities. Build your life around them.

Nugget 12
Know when to quit. An unfulfilling relationship, a job or business venture, whatever case it may be.

So ‘Wacha niKwambie’s’ journey this week has discovered that only we can are responsible for our own success and happiness and that there is no one route to that.

A lovely weekend to all- success and happiness wished to all in all our individual acts in the stage called ‘LIFE!’.