A conceptual look at leadership and associated concepts.

This month of March 2017, I am glad to be joined by my friend and Energy expert Andrew Amadi in a month dubbed ‘Úongozi Hodari na Akiba Haiozi’ March 2017 focus on Leadership and Retirement Planning.

Leadership starts with self. We need to be leaders of ourselves. I honestly believe that we are all capable of leading. Indeed, we all do. This is perhaps the most challenging part. Getting past our own self-imposed limitations. They appear so real, so big, yet in most part they are in our imagination.

We all have our insecurities and sometimes they are for good reason. They keep us from making hasty and dangerous decisions. They keep us in check. They also suppress our self-expression and leadership. To me leadership is a function of self-expression. It is who we are when we are on the course of our natural orientation.

Children are natural leaders. They speak their mind, they act on their instincts. They self-organize and assign each other roles at play. They stick to the rules, they enforce the rules. Life is a game, not to mean that it is not serious, but it is a set of rules that we have to comply with in order to get by. We win at some, we lose at some. So what happens to us that we lose the childlike qualities as we grow older? Where do these limitations come from?

I do not want to delve into psychology of issues (and I am not qualified that way). I think that we systematically tell ourselves over time that we are not that good. That other people are better that our defects are many. Self-acceptance is not saying that our faults do not matter, to me it is saying that we matter despite our defects. That we are awesome as we are. That we are complete even with our short comings.

Knowing that we are children of this universe and deserve to be here is a major step towards self-expression and leadership. We all have our thing that stops us. The reason why not. “I am black, I am a woman, I am from the wrong tribe, I do not have the qualifications, I am not tall enough, I am too tall, I am from a poor family” There is always something that holds us back which we think is unique to each one of us.

I have heard it said that we have about 60,000 thoughts everyday . Majority are repetitive and negative and go to reinforce some of the things that we think of ourselves or that we have been told many years ago, or very recently. They stick and they keep us back. Yet there is an awesomeness in every one of us. Talent, strength and leadership. To unlock this potential is to accept this in equal or higher measure than we accept our deficiencies.

Despite whatever hand you have been dealt or whichever position you have found yourself in, I have discovered that it is the very thing that brings out the leadership in us. For it is out of adversity that comes strength. The same energy that gets one out of your situation of seeming defeat is the same one that will propel one to scale the heights of achievement. And sometimes the two run concurrently. I look forward to your comments as we go along. I will not follow a script, but rather express things as they come to me. Enjoy the ride with me.