Family is not necessarily DNA – New Life Children’s Trust Kenya Open Day 2017

Family is not necessarily DNA – New Life Children’s Trust Kenya Open Day 2017

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I knew I was up to something good when the sound of children’s laughter and merriment were within ear shot from the New Life Home Trust Kenya 2017 Open Day themed #MyAdoptionStory from the parking across the road that had been  availed for the day. Like many who attended the Open Day and had never had the experience of adoption I was eager and keen to learn and soak in as much as possible from the experience of the day and hopefully share with friends and family alike.

Kwambie takes a selfie to capture the memorable day

Kwambie takes a selfie to capture the memorable day

The day was akin to a family fun day and as in as much as I had gone to gain as much information as possible on Adoption, I ended up enjoying myself tremendously. Food and an assortment of soft drinks  were in plenty, entertainment from the toddlers and their caregivers, some representatives of the Kenyan Sevens rugby team, Kenya Girls’ Chorale and a team of acrobats left all our mouths gaping in wonder with intermittent smiles with their song, show of strength and might (Kenyan Sevens players) and unbelievable body contortions by the team of acrobats. I was also glad to meet a handful of my friends whom I had not seen for a while and in typical warm Kenyan fashion said ‘Hello!’ and exchanged a few pleasantries.

Founded twenty four years ago (New Life Home Trust –  Kenya) mainly caters for abandoned and vulnerable babies of less than six months of age. It has four homes in its family in the following locations-  Nairobi, Kisumu, Nyeri and Nakuru. The Nairobi and Kisumu Children’s home are also registered as medical centres that offer quality healthcare services to the children. Since New Life Home Trusts’s inception over 1700 abandoned babies have been rescued  and approximately 1300 have been adopted. My association with New Life Home Trust began several years ago in a community service event for one of my former employers where we went and spent time holding, playing and caressing the little babies. I was smitten for life. Every once in a while on a random weekend afternoon I have gone back sometimes with my son and friends to spend time with the little tots. New Life Home Trust – Kenya is open to volunteers from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day and relies one hundred percent on contributions made in cash or kind to keep the home going. I hope to spend many more weekend afternoons volunteering at the home.

Saturday, 18th February 2017 is a day that will forever remain etched in my mind  as it is the first time I got to witness first hand several happy families created through adoption laying to rest the stigma associated with this sensitive topic in our society. Granted, some of the adopted children interviewed mentioned the curiosity of knowing their biological families but overall, they were happy for the God given opportunity to be a part of a family and the right to  call someone, ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ as the case may be and thrive to their full potential in life. Indeed, ‘Family is not necessarily DNA’ but that that pulls the heartstrings in other words ‘Family is most importantly love and nurture’ .

Being on the social side of life I struck up  a conversation with a lady on my  left who shared with me her  personal joy of being a parent to two lovely children one of whom is adopted but none of them being either the less or bigger in her heart. She mentioned to me that many take up adoption as a way of helping a needy child but to her, the choice to adopt had actually enriched and added to her life and she counts her adoptive daughter as one of the greatest blessings in her life.

On my way out and to the backdrop of  cake cutting and a ‘Happy Birthday’ song to the New Life Home Trust community, I walked over to the exhibitors’ stand to gather as much information as possible on Adoption and there were several child agencies at hand to give one guidance: Little Angels Network, The Change Trust Adoption Agency, Buckner Kenya Adoption Services to name some of the exhibitors present.

An in depth look at one of the adoption agencies brochures gave a highlight of the Adoption process which is segmented into three parts. Part 1 – Social Inquiry, Part 2-  Placement and Part 3-  Court Process that were addressed in detail in all  the brochures shared.

Indeed it was a morning well spent, and I left the New Life Children’s Home Trust off Lenana road well empowered on matters Adoption happy to enjoy the  rest of the weekend. Here is to more growth of families by Adoption and Happy Twenty Fourth Birthday to the New Life Trust Home Kenya – may you have many awesome more New Life!

A happy and winning new week full of  new life to all the readers of this blog!

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For further in depth information  on the  Adoption process in Kenya  please do not hesitate to contact any of the adoption agencies mentioned  in this article and follow up with the services of a  credible Family lawyer.