Thoughts on Depression

Thoughts on Depression

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For our today’s discussion I want to engage more and get views from you people.

There is something that has been controversial about depression… Some psychologists believe that people with depression possess the ability, in some situations, to perceive reality far better than their cheerier counterparts. This controversial concept is called depressive realism.

In essence, this theory proposes that the typical non-depressed person uses happy illusions to maintain their self esteem and get through the day. In comparison, the individual having mild
to moderate depression is reported to have a more realistic perspective of his or her image as well as in interpreting information from the external world. Some would caution to not
extrapolate that all happy people are necessarily delusional nor does it mean that people with depression are not sometimes distorted in their thinking.

Author Christopher Putnam, in his article entitled, "The Total Perspective Vortex" explains: "Perhaps the reason we are so eager to reject any departure from this fiction we call "normality" is because we have grown dependent on our comfortable delusions; without them, there is nothing to insulate us from the harsh cold of reality." What are your thoughts? Do you feel that your depression sometimes allows you to view the world in a more realistic light? Have you ever been accused of being negative when you felt you were merely being realistic? Do you believe that happiness sometimes requires an unrealistic perspective of the world?…..

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Lucy Ngari.
Counseling Psychologist
May 2017
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