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This month my beloved Wellness and Inspiration blog, "Wacha niKwambie" sojourns at Sexual Wellness. The month long journey will address Sexual Wellness in a two pronged
approach; ''Latest Trends in Sexual Wellness" and "Sex and Intimacy". Welcome to this read that sets off the discussion of the month, where the author shares her observations in dating and romance in this day and age.

One trend that is gathering momentum in romance all over the globe is travel dates and show casing the same on social media to ones friends. Though the regular tea and coffee date, movie will always be in style. The wanderlust in many is being expressed by many couples deciding on taking long haul destination travel together as they get to know each other better and forge their relationships. Take the case of going hiking on a Saturday or exploring the sandy shores of a beach, snorkeling, swimming, hiking up a mountain like Mt. Longonot for example. I could not agree more on this trend as locally I am seeing many of my dating and married friends taking their romantic halves on the so called road trips or catching a flight out of town in order to get to know each other better, many of these couples are also show casing their travel exploits together on social media. Some couples genuinely love traveling and sight seeing together. I expect this trend to grow in Kenya with the newly introduced SGR/Madaraka Express that offers competitive pricing for long destination intracountry travel.

Another trend that is catching up with romantic partners is sending each other romantic and suggestive texts or messages during the day to whet each other’s appetite for each other when
time and distance separates. Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS, email messages. A word of caution here to the romantics to ensure that their romantic and suggestive texts are sent to the correct
recipient as the wrong message to a group or person could ruin professional and personal relationships.. Many of these apps do not have the delete button once sent and damage done
may be irreversible. I am advised of Blackberry Messenger app that can delete erroneous messages sent in the wrong recipient's phone by a sender.

Yet another trend that has withstood the test of time in dating and romance is compromise for ones partner. Partners are advised to find out what makes each other tick. Relationships are
about finding the middle ground. Find out your partners tastes and preferences in anything and endeavor to meet them. Your partner should likewise reciprocate. More and more people are also looking at pocket friendly dating and romantic options. Due to harsh economic times people are looking more in terms of the thought that counts as opposed to extravagance that could leave one or ones romantic partner worse off financially in a quest to make one or one's partner happy in an expression of love. For this reason expect more time spent at home cooking for each other, home movie dates, taking long neighborhood walks together in order to know ones partner better but at the same time stretch a hard earned penny.

Another trend that has been catching up and may somehow seem as a paradox to the previous trend is treating ones loved one to premier events to showcase how special ones romantic partner is to one. Consider VIP or front row seats in an event, premier showing of a movie, 'jazz performances, exclusive plays and shows, etc Indeed dating and romance couples are spoilt for choice as yet another emerging trend that is coming up in the dating and romance scene is health and fitness. For this reason many couples have made their dates work out dates; jogging, walking, swimming, hiking together are also healthy trends for dating and romantic couples. This has the effect of having well toned and attractive bodies for intimate relationships but at the same time getting to know each other better.

More and more people for example Kenyans are now sharpening their professional saws by taking extra classes or other fun extracurricular classes like dancing classes with their romantic partners. Many couples do take classes together to enhance the romance in their lives and also to achieve self development mutual goals. Many people are also meeting romantic partners in these classes.

Selectivity, exclusivity and Marriage is still trendy as many people seek long haul long term exclusive partners to share their romance and lives with. Marriage and exclusivity is not coming to an end soon from what current trends show. Some trends that have withstood the taste of time regarding dating and romance and are still considered trendy; exchanging gifts on special occasions and even on random days. Girls will always love chocolate, flowers, lingerie, fine jewellery, salon and spa treats. Although a word of caution here to the dating couples to consider the individual tastes and preferences of their partner instead of buying gifts on assumption, general trends may not necessarily apply to ones romantic partner..

One cannot claim to have adequately covered the discussion on dating and romance in this day and age without mentioning the impact of social media and technology and its impact on relationships. People are now meeting people whom they would never have met online, getting attracted to them, communicating and falling in love with each other without a single offline date. Because of social media people are also showcasing their romantic exploits on their social media accounts at times revealing too much, too soon or to the wrong audience. A word of caution when showcasing ones adventures or misadventures in ones romantic life online because as they say, the internet never forgets.

Finally and related to the above trend, intercultural and intergenerational relationships are now on the rise. With relationships cutting across tribal, religious, generational and national
divides. People are at times attracted to people's whose lives' experiences are totally different from their own. This is the spice of life as at then end of the day we are all human.

The key to inter cultural and intergenerational relationships is about compromise and trying to understand what makes your partner tick despite the real or perceived differences that you
may have and also use the diverse experiences in life to enrich one another. The pleasure is all mine leading this discussion on the latest trends in dating and romance.Look out for my next article on what is on its way out in dating and romance in 2017.

Do you agree with these thoughts? Care to share emerging trends in dating and romance that you have noticed?
Thank you for reading this article and do have yourself a Wonderful Wednesday!

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