Intimacy under the covers

Talk about dating manenoz…and this is one thing I have discovered in my many years of existence… Date yourself all means do not wait for another human being to validate you..treat thyself to what you love best, go buy yourself some fancy lunch if single or even if attached to nobody or somebody get thyself some fancy is that warm feeling that you have on some nice lace white underwear bought by you for you as you go on your usual day to day activities that says, I love myself first ..Go to the Ole Sereni and watch the sun set in the bar that faces the national park all by yourself and watch as the animals come to the watering hole, gents get some hot boxers even if you will undress before nobody tonight.

Love thyself first!

And now finally, ‘What is on its way out in Latest Trends in Dating and Romance?’ As the world becomes more of a melting pot, biases and stereotypes towards couples that would have otherwise been considered odd in past years are coming to an end. As mentioned in a previous blog post; interracial, intertribal, intereligious, intergenerational couples are falling in love and enjoying life together and confidently displaying their love in public. This is just awesome as it is in our human diversity that our strength lies.

As more and more people become economically, socially and emotionally empowered and not financially, socially and emotionally dependent on relationships, toxic and abusive relationships that were tolerated in the past are now disappearing and are on their way out. More and more people are now deciding to settle for nothing less than loving and compassionate relationships and are comfortable being alone if toxic relationships are the only options available to them at the moment.

Sadly, the long and well thought out snail mail love letter of yesteryear is also on its way out as people embrace phone calls, instant text messages and social media interaction. Care to share any observations and trends that you have noted on their way out in the dating and romance scene?

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