Intimacy under the covers

Has your romantic relationship reached, ‘kuzoena’ phase in English – ‘;gotten used to each other’ phase where your partner does not arouse you or sex has even become a chore? In such cases is when effort in foreplay is needed now more than ever. ‘Wacha niKwambie’ to the rescue here.

Foreplay calls for creativity and begins long before touching each other’ bodies in the bedroom. When out on a date with your loved one, do you tease him/ her? Snuggle a little bit tighter when watching a movie. Rub your toes on each other under the table where noone can see? Clasp each others hands when taking a walk together? In other words, how do you and your
partner relate outside the bedroom to begin with? Shock each other. May I repeat that again, I said, Shock each other. in a positive way of course. Have a sense of surprise in your relationship. Ladies, when was the last time you gave your partner a foot rub after work? Gents , when was the last time you took a matatu across town to buy your wife some lunch? During the most unexpected time of the day do you send your partner a sext? When was the last time ladies you wore some sexy lingerie or dressed sexy for your man? Have an element of surprise sometimes in your relationship.

Kiss passionately, a slow sensuous kiss when out on a date. Slowly, softly and purposefully, explore each other. Those quick pecks have their place like when saying good bye before a trip for example I understand but kiss your partner deeply when in the right context. Watch a hot steamy sexy romantic movie TOGETHER. Hoping that you will all be able to complete the movie, on a lighter note. Talk dirty to each other, what you would wish to do to your mate. No inhibitions with your partner.

Share out your sexual fantasies and try and enact them with your partner.

Learn sensuous massage techniques that arouse and put your partner in the mood.

Touch your partners body sensually, kiss it from head to toe, learn what makes them happy.

As one of my girlfriends recently advised me – foreplay is a full time job and not just touching and kissing each other before the actual act of sex.

I wish I could share more on findings in this topic, but a lady cannot share all her learnings can she? Gotta have an element of surprise for my man too!

Do you have any tips on foreplay to share with others?

Bringing an end to the week when ‘Wacha niKwambie’ blog discussed ‘Latest Trends in Dating and Romance and Foreplay’

Thank you for reading this article and do have a great weekend pf awesome sex ahead if possible!

‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ June 2017 – #Operation pepesha moto
Focus on Sexual Health and Wellness.
© Kwambie Nyambane, June 2017.
References: :Internet article – Nine sexiest foreplay techniques you can ever use in bed.

The writer is neither a sexologist nor a sex expert. She is just a Kenyan woman out to enjoy life in all its fullness, a researcher on Wellness matters during her free times, excited to share
her findings with others to enrich their lives too. For professional advice on matters sexual please seek the counsel of a sexologist or sex expert who are now recognized professionals in
my native country Kenya.