The fourteen day  Ageless Goddess program is  one that I undertook with gusto this past August. As I approach 40, now more than ever I am determined to live a full life of wellness that shuns all negative perceptions of ageing.

The first day of the program is an affirmation that one shall not be bound by the negative perceptions of growing older and to throw from ones mind that one cannot do something  at a certain age. Indeed that day I tuned to a radio station associated with the youth and run my  morning jog to some Trap Hip hop music which I have come to love.

The second day of the program tasks one to do something that brings one pleasure in my case I bought my family some icecream which we enjoyed and over my lunch break I watched a  Mr. Bean video that literally had me laughing until I cried.

The third day entails one empowering their inner healer by resting and relaxation and consciously minimizing stress in ones life.

Day four dubbed understand and implement the causes of health. This entails affirming health to ones  body.

Day five : Grieve , rage and move on. This day entailed dealing with past hurt and pain and entails one writing an in depth letter to someone who hurt you and in turn burning it and throwing it away. One disclaimer to this day is that grief hurt and pain  is not something that  one can deal with over night but is a continuous and long term process.

The sixth’s day focus is on affirming that one is sexy and sensual and doing acts that emphasize  the same. On a personal note it is on this day that I discovered the relaxing power of aromatherapy after burning some lavender oil in my bedroom. Oh so soothing, indeed I should do that again.

Day seven is the halfway mark for this program that advocates for ageless living and the focus is to love without losing oneself. Our relationships are meant to be symbiotic and  not draining. When relationships begin to become draining healthy boundaries should be drawn.

The  eighth day of the program urges one to eat like a goddess that is consciously enjoy what one eats and perhaps try out a new recipe.

Day nine urges one to dance or try out a new type of movement. One is also encouraged to try out  balancing on one foot. Alternating between the right and left foot.

The tenth day of the program is simply to be gorgeous. Try out different beauty therapies, wear lovely and bold attire.

Day eleven:  This was a reminder to me  that we ought to know that we are divine beings: we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. One is urged to pray and have positive affirmations on this day.

The twelfth day’s  aim is to create a  personal paradise. One is urged to make  ones living space beautiful and remove the clutter.

Day thirteen is an affirmation of ones agelessness and one is tasked to do something that they had done in the past thirteen days.

Day fourteen was an assertion that ones life is in the hands of the Almighty who holds the masterplan. I would urge every one to go through this program and do it every once in a while especially  when one feels that ones energy levels are plummeting.


© Kwambie Nyambane,