A tribute to mummy and daddy at the brink of forty

A tribute to mummy and daddy at the brink of forty

“Jeez I miss my Dad, time to give Tata a phone call.” The only problem is when two sanguines have a phone call prepare for long conversations on the loud side of life and with expressive conversation. There are times we can laugh for a full minute before going on with the story, hehehehe Daddy. This phone call calls for ample time and a secluded spot where I will not disturb others.

Leading this week to my parents, sincerely speaking I would rather have not been born to others even if given the chance.

Ever met people who made you feel that you were their greatest possessions, the best thing that ever happened to them? -those are my folks. I honour them these next two weeks for giving my sibs and I a most memorable childhood. The only thing I have ever felt from my folks is an abundance of love.

My dear mama going to check out the fancy styles at Deacons only to replicate the same with her humble sewing machine and fabric purchased from Biashara Street so that we could look trendy for Sunday School.My mama at Alliance Girls’ High School field with a big fat Bible, “my daughter I have a word for you that will stick with you long after you have finished the mandazis I have brought for you”. Guess what Mummy? Many of those words still remain – two decades and counting.

My dear pops, singing to us, R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” when I had cleared high school to motivate us, well understandably he was only 42 years old then, almost the same age I am now and was still in touch with trending music! (Someone show me some more Hip Hop Trap and Coldplay Rock music, hehehehe) Never met someone with so much zeal for life, resilience and a great sense of style, it rubs off to everyone who meets him. That is my Dad, Daddy.

It is an honour having them around as senior citizen Kenyans and you can bet by my favorite lipstick that they still are the first to get the 411 in my life. Mummy is the frail one now, but hey who is complaining, it is time for me to revenge for all the years of love and care, it is now my turn to take care of her now. Daddy is still my greatest pillar of strength and still keeps up the pressure to be the best version of Kwambie to date.

Here is to long life and health to my parents – Moraa and Nyambane, thank you for the awesome years says your dear daughter Kwamboka at the brink of the big 40. May your strength be as your years – great and many. These next two weeks of my life are in honour of you. I love you Mummy and Daddy!!