Traits of eagles that we have learned and that we as human beings can emulate:

  1. They keep company of other eagles and hence soar into greater altitudes together. They soar into great heights compared to other birds.
    Learning: The company we keep can either motivate us or discourage us from achieving greater heights in life.

2.They have strong vision and can see things in the distance.
Learning: Using our past experiences and knowledge we can use it to predict what the future can be like. Do we know what we aspire to be in five or ten years’ time for example?

  1. They love the storm and use it to soar to greater heights.
    Learning: Use obstacles and challenges in life as a learning and stepping stone in life. Do not let setbacks in life discourage you.
  2. Unlike vultures eagles never eat “dead” meat.
    Learning: Mental diet is very important. What you listen and watch affects your attitude in life. Especially in this day of internet where all type of information is easily available. Sieve what goes through your mind.
  3. The female eagle tests the commitment of the male eagle before mating with it.
    Before you get into partnership with anyone be it personal and professional relationships ensure that your values are in sync and that the people concerned have your back as you have theirs.
  4. Eagles train their children to maturity.
    Learning: Our children are the future. Teach them well and show them where to go. Cherish them. Take parenting and guardianship seriously.
  5. Eagles retire until new feathers grow.
    Learning: What is called old age” in our society is not an excuse not to reinvent oneself and to seek new ventures. Take some time once in a while in your life to take stock of who you want to be and where you want to be.

Thank you for reading these pointers that we can learn from eagles. Keep it here for more wellness and inspirational articles in 2018. Happy soaring to all the readers of “Wacha niKwambie” blog in 2018.

“Wacha niKwambie”
January 2018 – It’s time to soar with the eagles!

Paraphrased by Kwambie Nyambane
January 2018.

Reference: The late Myles Munroe
The Seven Highly Effective Habits of Eagles