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FROM FLAB AT 40 TO FAB AT 40…….My journey to being a fitter me.

Last year began a vigorous campaign in my life, seven months – dabbed from flab@40tofab@40 to take charge of my life and get my healthier body back by my 40th birthday. Don’t get me wrong I have always loved my body shape, my chubbilicious self as I used to say then. I just needed to be fitter as being overweight predisposes one to many lifestyle diseases. My biggest asset – Determination. Working out persistently every day with me, myself and I and reducing my food portions to healthier portions. I have made good progress over the months….. still learning every day as fitness is a lifestyle and not a destination. Also being a wellness blogger the pressure to walk the talk was real and lead from in front. I am excited for every one to live the best version of themselves. Hence my beloved blog’s focus on Nutrition this month.

This month of March 2018, “Wacha niKwambie” blog will be focusing on the tenets of eating healthy, something I and many of us need to know more about, but most importantly – practice! Over the month of March the blog will research and share tips on eating healthy as well as interview a leading Nutritionist in Kenya on some simple tips on eating healthy as I have discovered eating healthy and maintaining an exercise regimen are the greatest tools in maintaining an optimum body weight and it does not matter ones age. Just determination and persistence which is omnipotent.

Join the blog in its Nutrition journey this month.

Here is to the best version of you and I.
‘Wacha niKwambie’ karibu Machi 2018. Welcome March 2018.
March 2018 – Soaring in eating healthy.