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The Benefits of Exercise

Whether you consider yourself old or young or anything in between. Whether you are naturally fit or not. Whether man, woman, boy or girl- exercise is good for you. Exercise is great for our bodies and quality of life. Consider the following benefits of exercise;

1. Consistency in exercise combats health conditions and disease.
2. Helps in managing weight due to the calories burnt.
3.Improves mood and may give a feeling of happiness due to the “happy” hormones produced in the brain, the so called endorphins. Also as ones body achieves fitness and better appearance it boosts ones self esteem.
4. Better sleep. However, we are advised not to exercise just before we sleep as one of the immediate benefits of exercise is that it energizes you.
5.Boosts brain health and memory.
6. It may decrease pain in certain health conditions.
7. Regular moderate exercise improves the appearance of ones skin.
8.Exercise is a great way to socialize and make new friends.
9. It brings the spark back into the bedroom that is your sex life.

Have some exercise today!

Kwambie Nyambane
March 2018