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Tips on Blogging

Wacha niKwambie blog is truly humbled for this first time nomination for “Best Lifestyle Blog” in the BAKE Awards 2018. Blogging has been one of the most fulfilling and satisfying journeys that I have experienced as a Kenyan Wellness and Inspiration writer and creative. In recognition of this nomination and also to get more people involved in fulfilling their ambitions in Blogging I would like to share my personal experience as a blogger over the month of April 2018. As the late American evangelist Billy Graham said, “Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practising patience and being persistent”.

The first tip is to “protect your Intellectual Property“, your ideas, your thoughts, your passion. Wacha niKwambie| Kwambie Nyambane is duly registered as my intellectual property. The blog has an intellectual property lawyer for consultation.
Every article that is published in this blog is governed by the copyright laws of Kenya.

Next is “Get a niche that interests you“. My interest in writing on Wellness and Inspirational matters was picked in a client meeting in my “day job” a few years ago. The client told me about Wellness and how it was the big thing in Health Matters in the West. Wellness has to do with living a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of ones life that is physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, environmental for the purpose of prevention of disease and improving quality of ones life. I found Wellness an interesting and novel topic in Kenya. It was time for a Kenyan narrative on Wellness I also wanted a topic that would affect all segments of the population irrespective of gender, age, social class, economics or geography. Also looking at my education, professional background at the time and destiny’s hand pointing the way, I had gathered some knowledge on segments of Wellness along the way…as fate would have it I was a medical prefect in my beloved high school many years ago – Health and Wellness is my destiny. Everything fitted perfectly…all things work together for the good.

So get a niche, a focus area that you are interested in, that you will not lose steam for over time but also make sure it is a niche that interests many people not just yourself.

My hope is for one day Wellness in Kenya to reach the level that it has in Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden which by the way have been lauded as having the best quality of life surpassing even countries like the U.S which has a higher GDP. Of course there are many issues like economics of our country that will affect this goal but the most important thing is knowledge and transforming your lifestyle with the personal resources that one has, making that first decision as an individual is the first step to achieving Wellness. Our country owning Wellness as a national Health agenda. For example Eating Healthy – there are a wide array of healthy foods in Kenya one can choose from that are cost effective, social Wellness means having quality and fulfilling relationships with family, friends and colleagues, financial  Wellness means living within ones means and not being tempted to keep up appearances, investing wisely with what one has, etc. These are all tenable aspects of Wellness irrespective of your class, economics, geography or gender.

Yes, that is the last tip for today. Begin with the resources you have. The most important resource that you have is in you; your passion, your creativity and your time. It does not matter how old you are or how digital savvy you are or are not. Let us shun this age limiting stereotype that Blogging is just for the millenials or twenty somethings especially here in Kenya. In the West all manner of people, ages, genders and with diverse interests in life have blogs or vlogs for that matter.

My first blogs are in Blogger. A free blogging tool provided by Google. If you have a gmail account, Blogger is one of the free services offered.

This is a link to one of my first blogs:

Other free online templates for blogging are WordPress. In this D.I.Y. Do It Yourself blogs you can learn a lot; designing your blog and publishing it yourself. Do not underestimate these tools. Many blogs from WordPress and Blogger have won awards based on their content and the design tools that their authors have utilized.

Over time my blog has matured into this; and has a presence on social media e.g. facebook.

Blogging just like efforts to be fit is a journey and not a destination. The BAKE Awards first time nomination for “The Best Lifestyle Blog” is just but one check point of the “Wacha niKwambie” Blogging journey. We get better every day. The best is yet to come.

So begin.

A lovely weekend to all the readers of this blog. Keep it here next week for more tips on Blogging.

Happening today is the Darling Runway Kenya fashion event at Two Rivers Mall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. show casing some of the best in fashion In Kenya. Heartstrings Kenya, “Hit and Run” have their play running at Alliance Francaise this weekend.

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April 2018 –Soaring in Blogging!

Kwambie Nyambane,
April 2018.