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Darling Runway Kenya showcasing upcoming and established designers

Excited to have finally made it to the  Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, the venue of the Darling Runway Kenya, I caught a glimpse of my friend and high school mate  Kenyan designer Kawira Mirero Creative Director of  an upcoming fashion house in Kenya Mambo Pambo who had invited me to the  event.  We hugged and exchanged a few pleasantries before Kawira took off in a rush to the fashion show that was about to begin.

And what a sight it was to behold as guests in their own right showcased their personal taste, not to be left behind I showcased My kwambie Style! in a cheetah print style top and jeggings, black peep toe chunky heels, dangling African themed brass earrings and a red handbag for contrast.

The fashion show event showcased some of the best of upcoming Kenyan designers and   lines from established fashion houses. It was also an opportunity for Darling Kenya to market some of its latest offerings for the hair extension industry in the country.

Some of the upcoming designers show cased were   Mambo Pambo by Kawira Mirero,  Zanta Adeyde by Anyango Adeyde, Igulsun Leather by Gulsun Ahmed, Pam Oloo Couture by Pam Oloo, Frika Designs by Fridah Ngugi, Trendy B fashion House by Nakhulo Khaimia, Kidosho  Apparel by Liz Kitua, Ellen by Hellen A. Tolbert, Taferie by Valerie Mwango and Lulu Creations by Lima Comley. The upcoming fashion designers that were showcased were affiliates of Fashion Agenda Africa

The established designers who carried the day included Akinyi Odongo Kenya by Akinyi Odongo, Monica Kanari of Occasions n Days. Ann Mcreath of Kiko Romeo,  Valerie Mwango of Tafari Fashion House and the  climax show Thula Sindi from South Africa.

The different fashion shows were held at different locations of the two Rivers Mall from the waterfall, to the space in front of the Chandaria  hall and at the Waterfront.

Akinyi Odongo the founder of Fashion Agenda Africa challenged established designers to mentor and groom the upcoming designers as that is how Kenyan fashion industry will continue thriving and growing.

The event was sponsored by Darling Kenya, Couture Africa, Ajuma Two Rivers Mall, Sankara Hotel, Lintons Beauty World, Black Up, FA 254 and Fashion Agenda Africa

Here is to the success of the Kenyan fashion industry!



Kwambie Nyambane,

April 2018