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Tips on Blogging (Part Two)

16th April 2018

We continue from where we stopped last week, I share some of my thoughts on my experience as a Blogger.
Consistency is very key when blogging. If your readers are used to a post or two every day, or two every week or one every week then maintain the momentum. Engagement with the readers and participants of ones blog is very important to keep the hype. For those bloggers who do it as a hobby or favourite past time like me get a routine that works for you so that it does not interfere with your “day” job but at the same time ensures consistency and quality of content produced. Who knows it is possible that your blog may become the overriding passion in your life and become even your main job as many bloggers in which case you have as much time as possible to do whatever you wish to do with your blog and indulge it. I normally research and write either early in the morning or in the middle of the night so that the rest of my day is freed up for my business development efforts.

However, I must admit there are lunch times when I have chosen to sit at my desk and write as I eat especially when I have gotten a “eureka” moment.
Consistency is also important in your theme of focus and the writing style and voice used.

Wacha niKwambie is a Wellness and Inspirational Lifestyle blog it cuts across different areas that affect human wellness in that sense I have found freedom to write about many topics under the sun. However, you will never find a political post in the blog but there are political bloggers too with awesome blogs. There are food blogs, technology blogs, fashion and beauty blogs etc. The voice I have chosen to use is a hopeful and positive voice. One is always meant to always feel inspired after reading any article in the blog. The blog steers way from highly controversial and divisive topics.

Be original and authentic

Don’t try and be somebody else or try and change your style or voice to suite others when blogging because the greatest essence of a creative is their originality. How you perceive life is not others how others do. This is what makes the world go round and round: our diversity and richness of experience. Some will not like your work, others will love it. Be inspired by those who do, shun out the noise of those who don’t unless of course it is constructive criticism. One thing I have realized in life, beyond  even writing is that you cannot please all the people all the time. If you try to do so, you  will lose yourself and your purpose for being in this planet. The beauty of being authentic is that many a time what you are going through in life is the inspiration for an article, a post, a quote or a photo.

From flab at 40 to fab at 40 fitness post and an article dedicated to my parents when I was just about to turn 40 were all inspired by my milestone birthday last year. My focus on schooling early this year was inspired by the fact that my son, The Champ transitioned from kindergarten to primary school and so forth and so on.
Tied to being authentic is being original. An ethical blogger gives credit where it is due. I am not at all an expert in all the articles that I write. A good majority of them are penned after intense research on what others have discovered. At the end of every article if they were not my original thoughts I give references. Plagiarism which is lifting other’s people content, quotations without giving credit where it is due is the bane of blogging and many a Creative.

Today “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” comes to mind. This quote by the way is attributed to Oscar Wilde on a lighter note.

Do keep it real when blogging.

Get guest contributors to your blog

There is no single person who can claim to know everything under the sun and has monopoly of knowledge and one voice and writing style can become monotonous. Every once in a while get guest contributors to your blog who inject their thoughts and ideas and spice it with their unique voice and writing style. Give them credit for their articles as the authors of the content.

Some resources I have found necessary for Blogging

1. People – it really is all about people. You get leads and ideas when conversing and engaging with people. From the experiences shared you gain inspiration for a blog post. I never met a successful blogger who did not like people.
2.Technical support – I have a website designer and techie consultant my greatest support. Nduati, you are the best!!!
3. Internet connectivity – WIFI and data bundles to ensure cost effectiveness
4. Time – this was captured earlier on in the article, how to balance your time especially if your blog is not your career but is a part time calling or hobby.
5. Finances – for internet connectivity, website creation, research to create quality content, attend events, etc.

And how could I forget this; a laptop or desktop. Especially for formatting documents and monitoring your website that is its appeal both on phone and on a desktop.

Finally enjoy Blogging. Have fun while at it!

Next week it is all about challenges and “issues” that I have come across from personal experience as a blogger and how to stay motivated to write and create.

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Have a lovely weekend!

April 2018 – Soaring in Blogging

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