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Tips for a quick home make over

A quick home make over is ideal during a weekend or holiday break. Sometimes one needs to reenergize their home and add a new lease of life however time and money may not be sufficient. Consider these tips;

  1. Declutter. Get read of unwanted, unused, old and jaded items in your home. Move from room to room from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms and toilet and get rid of the junk in your life.
    For more information refer to article here;
  2. Clean your home.
  3. Change the arrangement of the furniture in your home for a different focal point in your rooms. The focal point of a room is what draws attention to the room. It could be a centrepiece e.g. flowers on a table, it could be an interesting wall hanging, it could be a good TV stand and TV.
  4. Paint the walls or one wall of a room for a dramatic effect.
  5. Incorporate lampshades or change the lighting in your home.
  6. Add a painting, sculpture, mural or statement mirror to a room.
  7. Add a few indoor plants to your home.

If your budget allows then consider;

  1. New sheers or curtains.
  2. Reupholstering your furniture or purchasing new furniture all together.
  3. Outdoor plants and home garden.
  4. Painting the exteriors of ones home.

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