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The good in online interactions and the way forward in Blogging

The good in online interactions and the way forward in Blogging

The good

Over time social media has morphed in several ways offering different user experiences all with an aim of connecting people.

Connecting people whether for professional or social networks is the power of digital communications. It transcends geography, time, distance and sometimes even cultural and economic barriers.

The positive interactions I have had online far outweigh the negative experiences. Connections with my classmates from as far back as primary school, high school, people I grew up with,  university, past employments, people whom otherwise I may never have ever met again. Through online interactions I  have made new friends, many whom I hope to meet physically and share a cup of coffee if not a glass of wine with one sweet day.

And that is what blogs ride on. Online connections and communication.

Online communications help build personal brands and business reputations.

Depending on what you choose to post and comment on social media, people’s perceptions of you are inevitably shaped. Over time through social media engagements it is possible to know which of your online friends tend towards introversion and towards extroversion. Although there are those whose online and offline personalities are not exactly the same. You will know what drives many of your friends; for some it is love and relationships, others family, for some sex, for others it is career advancement, others it is about finances and acquisition of money, others it is their health and fitness, others politics and good governance, others holiday and travel, others are always on their food, yet others dwell on spirituality. Others are deeply guarded, rarely participating in the social media “matches” but like spectators in the stadium prefer to watch the action from afar. In our diversity lies our strength. How boring if our personal brands were built amongst the exact same things. Human beings we tend to gravitate towards people that share common interests with us, but it is also healthy to have friends who share a different view of life, have different life experiences, and personal brands from your own.

So depending on what you choose to post on social media, one can build their personal brand on that. Celebrities and media personalities have become experts in this; deliberated posts and photos to build their personal brands.

So it is good to weigh and think twice before you post and comment on social media.

Also those with business interests can grow their reputations depending on how their businesses engage online with their potential and current customers.

Online interactions help to fight crime, mobilize people and build communities for the achievement of noble causes.

Going forward in Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to impact people, network, build your personal brand, express your ideas and creativity independently.

It is a platform and a stepping stone for writers who wish to have their work published later.

I am in awe of blogs that have become full corporates, go to resource blogs, key opinion leaders in their areas of interest.  Some even organize global conferences for those who are interested in their agenda. that began as a simple blog in Google’s Blogger, Wellness Mama that began in WordPress over a decade ago in the UK come to mind and are some of my aspirational blogs.

Locally, Biko Zulu, Lucia Musau, This Is Ess, Kaluhi’s Kitchen   are some of my favourite blogs – all with massive following, offering quality and inspiring content in their chosen blogging genres. Last year during the Kenya High School Career’s Day forum I took part in the Creatives bloc (much to the chagrin of my Busherian sisters – Busherian/ Bomerian historical rivalry on a lighter note) and Lucia Musau’s story was every blogger’s fairy tale with a happy ending. Successful blogs generate income for their owners.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is my greatest writing heroine, born two months shy of me on 15th September 1977 in Enugu in Nigeria and absolutely fab at 40. Her book Americanah has been a real inspiration to my life as it gives a tale of Ifemelu who goes on to build a successful blog. Chimamanda is a great inspiration. I wish to have a photo with her taken some day or better still interview her in this blog.

As a little girl, my parents advised me that if one commits their dreams to the Almighty, follows ones passion diligently and executes it well, a great name, fame and fortune will follow, I trust them. So we keep praying and working on this Wellness and Inspirational blog every single day.

Truly, the nomination for “Best Lifestyle Blog” in the BAKE Awards 2018 has already made this year one of the best years of my life and began my 40s with a bang! I am in awe and absolutely grateful to God for this recognition, for the content the blog provides to its readers with every post and is one of my greatest passions in life. Looking at the high calibre panel of judges that were involved in the selection process, it is an honour and I am still doing happy cartwheels on this end of Nairobi County. This is one happy milestone for the blog’s journey. The journey continues in Wellness and Inspirational writing that is relevant to people not only from Kenya but all walks of life.

What next for the blog? In my mind and in my heart many wonderful things are in store for “Wacha niKwambie”, but I choose to keep them private for now.

Three things to keep private in your life;

  1. Your love life.
  2. Your income.
  3. Your next move.

One thing is for sure by the time I am done if God wills, Wellness will be a fully recognized continental agenda especially in Africa where little is known or practised. A good majority of people will be making a deliberate effort in living a positive healthy lifestyle. Living life to its fullest.

I end there on the Wacha niKwambie blog the story at this moment in time…but it continues to be written behind the scenes with every passing day.

I hope the story has inspired all who wish to begin their own blog or follow their passion in life. As the Chinese proverb says, “The best time to have planted a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now.” So begin.

A toast to Wacha niKwambie blog and to all our lives’ dreams! – Cheers.

A great refreshing weekend to all my friends and readers of Wacha niKwambie blog and if by chance you spot me please do not hesitate to greet me, do say “Hi!”

©Kwambie Nyambane,

April 2018.

Post Script:

This article is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend’s father Prof. James William Onjua Oyieke. The late professor was a key opinion leader in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology in my beloved country, Kenya. He nurtured several unborn relatives of mine and was the first receiving doctor of  some of the babies born to my family.

He excelled in his career and passion in life as consultant doctor and I am inspired to do the same as a writer. We thank God for his life and service. His legacy lives on through the many lives that he impacted. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.