Arorwet & Other Herbs – Menstrual and Digestive Herbs for Women

Arorwet & Other Herbs – Menstrual and Digestive Herbs for Women

One cannot negate the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and how God gave us healing herbs, roots and trees. I have been on Arorwet for the past one and a half months and I have noticed reduced menstrual cramping, increased energy levels as well as reduction of my waist girth, commonly referred to as “pot”. Arorwet is manufactured by one of my friends from Alliance Girls’ High School, Kenya, a London School of Economics and Social Sciences graduate who has a deep interest in natural African herbs and remedies; Chebet Ng’ok.

According to the manufacturer; Arorwet is a cumulative set of herbs, roots and bark sourced from Kipsigis land in Sotik, Bomet County which have traditionally been used to treat menstrual and digestive health for adult women. According to the manufacturer’s claims it performs a decongestant function on the menstrual and digestive system leading to reduced to zero cramping during menstruation and all other attendant symptoms. Benefits you should see include reduced to zero pain and cramping around menstruation, zero to reduced mood swings, regular flow, light flow of 3 days, reduced bleeding and clotting, elimination of excess gas and water from different parts of the body leading to shrinkage around waistline and other parts of the body.

The manufacturer also adds that you will experience at various stages increased thirst, hunger pangs and later reduced apatite and change of palate as your body adjusts to accommodate Arorwet. You will also experience improved sleep patterns, increased energy and general improved well-being. Arorwet contains: Arorwet (Ekebergia); Tendwet (Prunus Africanus); Sinendet (Periploca) and other related herbs.

Disclaimer: These are traditional herbs used as part of Alternative Therapy. Please consult your physician for correct diagnosis.

For further information on Arorwet please contact Chebet Ngók, telephone number: 0701421409, email address:

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