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“Relax. Re-center. Rejuvenate.” the importance of taking a break from your daily routine

The first five months of the year have been an exhilarating ride for me  both from a personal, professional and blogging front. Apart from the day to day routine of coordinating a home, and having my son transition into primary school other things begged for my attention. You see I belong to the sandwich generation we are smack in the middle of  taking care of younger and elderly dependents and that can take a toll on someone’s  health if  one is not careful. The blog nomination for the Best Lifestyle Blog  in the recently concluded BAKE Awards 2018 is one of the  things I count as blessings for this year, yet this called for a month of intense campaigning to ensure that all the supporter of this blog had been fully psyched to vote for us, coupled with the loss of a dear friend’s father, I realized that all these   events and needs had drained my energy.  When I realized that I had began forgetting simple things   or that I was getting a tad too emotional for simple  happenings in my life. It was time to take a short break.

There are several signs in our lives that tell us that we need to take a break.

One sign that one needs to take a break from one’s  routine is getting irritable with the smallest of things.  Exaggerated  reactions to simple things. Say for example ones child puts salt instead of sugar in ones tea and suddenly one is shouting from the rooftops and threatening to punish the child and yet this was an intentional mistake that could have happened to anyone. If one has become a grump, sour puss it is time to take a break.  Time to relax.

Struggling to sleep or maintaining sleep that is insomnia is yet another sign of fatigue. Most cases of insomnia are as a result of anxiety and stress, leading to the vicious cycle since insomnia is also a cause of stress and anxiety.

If one is so caught up in their day to day routine that one feels that they have lost touch with loved ones then indeed it is time to take some time out  to reconnect with them. For example , you sister got a baby recently yet it has been months since you went to visit and congratulate her on the new arrival, or your girl friend got a promotion at work and you are yet to celebrate the milestone or on the other hand ones child is facing challenges at school and one has not had the time to connect with the child’s teacher.

If one is suffering from what is known as “huku na huku” symptoms that is  aches and pains that have no scientific basis when one seeks medical attention then it is time to take a break.

Your work has become sloppy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make decisions at work and solve problems , you have lost attention to detail and you have lost enthusiasm for work, you are on your way to suffering burn out it is time to take a vacation to rejuvenate.

On the flip side if work is all that defines you and has become your life then it is perhaps time to consider a vacation. Life is to be lived in its fullest.

Be on the alert if suddenly you are eating a lot of junk food, sugary foods, taking in more alcohol. Comfort eating and drinking that is. These may be signs that you need to take a break.

Rest and relaxation are important and offer immense benefit to our lives. All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull people.

The following are just but a few of the   benefits that one stands to gain from taking a  break every once in a while;

Going on vacation every once in a while reduces  stress and related to this is that regular breaks in life reduce the chances of one developing heart disease as one of the causes of heart diseases is stress.

Taking breaks also enhances memory and focus as stress is a leading cause of memory problems and lack of concentration in day to day activities.

When we are over worked and stressed, our immunity is compromised so it is necessary to take breaks  so as not to fall ill regularly.

Taking a break also enhances ones sex life as stress and fatigue are  major killers of ones libido and sexual appetite.

Consider the time spent with loved ones during vacations, this quality time enhances ones relationships with loved ones. So if you feel that your relationships have become jaded over time  perhaps it is time to take a break.

One sleeps better, has enhanced focus and concentration and inevitably is more productive at work when one takes regular time out.

One of the secrets to the endless fountain of youth is taking regular breaks.

Overall vacations are good for our health, they improve relationships with our loved ones, enhance our job performance when we go back to our jobs and businesses. Day to day routines feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and a conquer it all attitude is gained  to do it all before we embark on another well deserved vacation.

Wishing you all esteemed readers of Wacha niKwambie blog periods of rest and relaxation in between your life callings.

So back to my story.  Having taken a short break, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated for all that my life brings  me in the next  couple of months. Bring it on world!

© Kwambie Nyambane,

May 2018.