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Workplace Etiquette

26th June 2018

The work place for many people is where they spend most of their awake hours at. Workplace Etiquette is very important for good relationships and effective communication within the work place.

The three pillars of Workplace Etiquette are:

  1. Respect
  2. Non harassment
  3. Good communication

Most professional offices have a code of conduct that employees adhere to. Understand the values, policies and procedures of your work place.

Work place Etiquette refers to the unwritten rules that people should adhere to in an office set up. The set of norms, manners, courtesies that people should extend to their customers to at the workplace.

A few pointers on work place Etiquette are as follows:

Make a good first impression

  • stand straight
  • make eye contact
  • smile
  • adhere to company policies e.g. dress code
  • arrive on time

Dress appropriately.
If not sure of the dress code of your work place double check with your supervisor. Dress a notch higher for the job that you desire.

The words “Please” and “Thank You” are courteous words that show that you respect the people you are dealing with. Whether or not you are a customer service staff adopt an attitude of customer service. Say, “I am sorry.” own up to your mistakes at the work place. Say, “Hello” and “Goodbye” to people, do not ignore your colleagues.

Be a team player. Work well with others, listen to others and be open minded. As much as possible be friendly and encouraging to your colleagues, be responsible, be considerate, adapt a positive attitude, rise above office gossip and communicate effectively. Many a time it is not what you say but how you say it that matters.

Avoid gossip.

Be personable yet professional. Appreciate your colleagues as people however be careful not to cross the professional boundaries. It is up to you to decide how much of your personal life that you wish to reveal to your colleagues. In the work place set up, it is better to be more conservative on personal matters.

Avoid checking your phone in meetings or when someone is speaking to you.

Turn your phone down when in the office.

When in a meeting give your undivided attention to those speaking.

Clean up after yourself. If you have had a cup of tea or some bitings take the initiative and return the crockery and cutlery to where there are supposed to be, ensure that the place is left clean for your colleagues to use.

Leave personal grooming at home. The workplace  set up is not the place to clip your nails or shave your beard for example.

Hold the door or hold the elevator for your colleagues coming after you. Rule of thumb is to let your seniors at work go before you at the door or elevator.

Choose subtle and pleasant fragrances; perfumes and colognes should not “shout” in the workplace.

Notify your colleagues that you are running late if you are.

Some notable pointers on online communication within the work place are as follows;

Use your work place email only for work related email.

Read and understand your email carefully before responding.

Use a subject line that reflects what your message is all about.

Be courteous in your email correspondence just as you would in real life. Avoid

SHOUTING   that is using CAPS in your online communication as it is considered rude

Use the appropriate font prescribed for your work place.

Be careful when using the “Reply All” button.

Finally before you press the “SEND” button make sure you reread your email.

This brings to an end the week when we focussed on Work place/Office Etiquette.

Next week we will delve into different aspects of social Etiquette e.g. when using the bathroom, when eating, how one should carry themselves when in a funeral or wedding set up for example.

A lovely weekend wished to all the readers of this blog.

“Wacha niKwambie”

June 2018  – “I am Beautiful!”

A focus on Etiquette and Personal Grooming

© Kwambie Nyambane

Reference: Some pointers picked along the way in the writer’s professional journey.