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Operation PepeshaMoto 2018: Boosting Sexual Confidence

14th July 2018

Sexual confidence or confidence in life in general must come from within. Someone who is self confident does not seek validation from others. When you know your worth, you do not settle for nothing but the best for yourself and this includes bedroom and sexuality matters too. So believe in yourself.

Take the initiative when you need some sexual intimacy. This advice generally applies to women who may not be assertive in the bedroom. It is not only when the Mr. needs “”some”” that you should get “some”.


Let go of body hang ups. When your partner is genuinely into you your body flaws whether real or perceived will not stop them from enjoying being intimate with you. So switch on the lights and put on your favourite and sexy inner garments and enjoy some great love making.


Be open with your partner on your sexual desires and fantasies. Your partner cannot read your mind. You cannot get what you have not asked for.

Get into the moment; forget about the humdrums of life e.g. bills, work, children when enjoying intimate moments.


Exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle keep the body in tip top condition for sexual performance and being proud of ones body never dimmed anyone’ sexual confidence.

Educate yourself on sexual matters e.g. read on the same.

Consider trying out new positions, new locations, massages to make your sexual experience novel. Do not let your sex life be stuck in a rut. Be adventurous.

Play some music when making love.

Loosen up, allow yourself to be silly, laugh at yourselves when a new position backfires for example. Making love is not a test and no one is measuring your performance.

Unfortunately, all the mentioned tips may not work for all as some people have painful memories from the past. Therapy can be used to educate people on sexual matters but can also be used for sexual healing. If you are facing sexual challenges do not suffer in silence seek the help of a professional if you have been the victim of sexual abuse or assault.

A lovey weekend and sexual confidence wished to all.

“Wacha niKwambie”

July 2018 – Operation pepesha moto

A focus on sexual wellness – sexual confidence and personal grooming

© Kwambie Nyambane



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