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The habits of a well groomed man

These past few weeks the Wacha niKwambie blog has been deliberating on sexual confidence ,a crucial element of sexual satisfaction that ultimately leading to sexual wellness. One thing that we discovered is that being confident of ones physical appearance is intricately linked to ones self confidence and ultimately impacts on ones sexual wellness.

Nothing builds up a man’s self confidence like being well groomed and the size of his wallet perhaps.

This week I am excited to share the habits of a well groomed man. Do you agree with these habits? Can you add on to the habits?

Habit 1: Love your bath.

A bath or shower as case may be leaves one refreshed, rejuvenated and keeps germs that may cause illness at bay. One is ready to conquer the day

Habit 2: Love your barber.

Barbers ensure that facial hair is well groomed to ones preference, making one more physically attractive too.

Habit 3: Invest on a quality cologne

Still on men, rather than have a million bottles of some nondescript cologne or scents in your possession invest in one or two bottles of signature quality designer scents that distinguish you.

Habit 4: Ensure that your pubic hair is well groomed.

Habit 5: Invest in your smile. Brush your teeth, see a dentist.

Habit 6: Ensure that you use a pumice stone from time to time to ensure that your feet remain soft and not calloused.

Habit 7: Take care of your hands and nails.

Habit 8: Some men are very hairy to an extent that they may need to pluck their eye brows on occasion for better face definition.

Habit 9:Men are also advised to wash their face before going to bed to cleanse it.

Habit 10:Invest in a sunscreen or lotion with at least sunscreen protection factor 15 (SPF 15) to protect your skin from ultraviolet that is UV rays.

Taking care of ones personal grooming is not a sign of self importance but rather a sign of self respect.

Here is to good grooming for our gents.

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Focus on sexual confidence and personal grooming

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July 2018