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The habits of a well groomed woman

The importance of being well groomed to us all cannot be overemphasized.

Being well groomed aids in personal hygiene and health.

Our bodies are God’s temple, taking care of them is way of giving thanks to Him and is a show of self love.

People who are well groomed are perceived to be more competent, intelligent and polished. Sometimes they  even earn more money than those who do not put an effort in their appearance especially in careers where physical appearance is paramount.

Personal grooming builds onto ones personal brand and builds onto ones self confidence.

People who are well groomed are considered more sexually attractive and tend to have high sexual confidence.

At the bare minimum a woman should always smell fresh. This is achieved by taking regular baths and showers and using deodorant to keep sweat smell at bay. Choose a scent that works best for you. When sampling perfume or scents put it at pulse points on your wrist and wait to see how it smells. Remember because of natural body odours, your friend’s favorite perfume may not be good on you. So choose a fragrance that  brings out the best in you.

Ensure that hair on your face, underarms and pubic area is well groomed or none at all. These days there are several beauty parlours offering different types of hair removal e.g. waxing. Choose an accredited and hygienic beauty parlour for such services if you wish so.

Make up is meant to enhance your natural beauty features. Cakey heavy layers of make up in your face is unhealthy. Apply make up in such a way to enhance your features. These days there are make up artists who can provide tutorials for make up application. There are also make up application tutorials online to bring out the best in you.

For women drink lots of water and take care of your diet to ensure lovely skin. Make up can never replace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on natural beauty. An intake of adequate supply of water, fruits and vegetables, frequent exercise will keep your skin glowing. Wash your skin and never ever sleep in your make up. Go for trusted quality brands for your skin care. For women of colour that is of the black race ensure that your products have at least SPF (sunscreen protection factor 15). If possible cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin daily (I personally vouch for this). Makeup and skin care products have an expiry date so make sure that the products that you use on your body are current. Discard all that have expired.

Ensure that your hair is washed and oiled regularly. Choose hairstyles that go with the shape of your face, your personality and your career.

Last but not least ensure that your manners and demeanour are polished to augment your efforts in personal grooming and make up application.

To all my girl friends and women of the world, may all your personal grooming habits radiate the greatest beauty of all – that is the beauty of the heart and mind. Peace.

July 2018 – Operation pepesha moto2018
Focus on sexual confidence and personal grooming

© Kwambie Nyambane,
July 2018