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Thirty six awesome things I will miss about Joash: A tribute to my brother

  1. His love and honour for my parents.
  2. His love for a diverse group of people. My brother never discriminated on anyone.
  3. For youth and vibrance in our home.
  4. His swag and fashion sense that was just awesome.
  5. How children freely mingled and connected with him.
  6. His pets, specifically his dogs; Snoopy and Leo, mad love to you.
  7. His smile that could brighten any day.
  8. His pacifying nature between my sister and I.
  9. The day to day care of our mother.
  10. His random visits at my home, just to check on me.
  11. My Defender.
  12. His temper that sometimes could erupt as mine. We are Kisii – you know?
  13. His excellent speech.
  14. And his awesome writing skills too.
  15. His creativity and innovation.
  16. His passion for blogging. And things digital
  17. Coffee dates together; the awesome company even more than the coffee.
  18. His business acumen.
  19. His adventurous spirit.
  20. His unconventionality.
  21. Finding him reading with great intent my father’s books.
  22. My Comforter through life’s storms.
  23. Wow, his handsome looks – without even trying.
  24. His gourmet and cooking skills.
  25. His manly cologne and scents.
  26. Recipes he used to share with me.
  27. His passion for fitness and exercise.
  28. His love for our country Kenya.
  29. His work out regimens.
  30. That sly look on his eyes when many a time the joke was on me.
  31. Christmas Day.
  32. Relaxing at the field behind our home with that far away look.
  33. Our trips up country together.
  34. Forcing him to take photos and selfies with me; thank you for obliging to some. They are very precious to me.
  35. His love for family, his love for his sisters, nephew and nieces.
  36. That I am not physically there with him to enjoy his rekindled love and faith for our God.


Joash Agwata Nyambane

Friday, 19th March 1982 – Monday, 10th September 2018

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because my life happened.”


God, I thank you for the thirty six years that you gave me my brother. In human eyes they seem short but to you again a thousand years are like one year. We give you honour and glory for his life and we give him back to you.