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Home is where the heart is: Intentional Home Design

Designing a home is more than planning the layout of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms, etc, it is an expression of ones creativity, taste and style

A home tells a story of ones experiences in life, ones  travels, where and what one has  been up to. It also tells of ones culture, personality and interests in life.

Intentional Design of a Home calls for planning.

Make a list of all the things you need to design your home. List down also the creative ideas you have for your home.

Set a budget. The anticipated costs that you will incur in designing or redesigning your home. It is one thing to design your home with peace of mind, it is another thing to set yourself into financial distress, barely being able to cope with your other financial obligations because of a home makeover.

Considering redesigning your house, a home make over that reflects your personal style and taste, your experiences in life? You cannot do it on your own. You will require a team of people that could include an Interior Designer or an Architect or simple – a painter, someone to reupholster your furniture, supplier of home artefacts, furniture, fixtures and fittings, an electrician, a plumber, a friend with a good eye on home design and so forth and so on. This team will provide you with necessary advice on the material that will be required and the costs that will be incurred. They will also advise you on a possible phased approach to redesign your home – remember that Rome was not build in a day and the same case applies to our homes.

Several years ago one of my friends invited me to visit his brother. His brother lived in a relatively run down apartment block in an outskirt in Nairobi and I had my own perceptions before entering the house. Lo and behold what a shocker one of the best interior designed apartments I have ever come across in my life. His brother had made his den his own paradise right in the middle of chaos.

Though he was not in a capacity to move to a better neighbourhood at the time, but he had made a most comfortable abode for himself and his young family. This really struck me and the image of that apartment has never left my mind.

The better news is that several years later as one passed the neighbourhood, looks like the home owners had taken matters into their own hands and had revamped their neighbourhood, including repainting the run down apartment block.

Accept the things that you cannot change when designing your home and change those that you can.

Visualize how you hope your home to look like. This should be your inspiration as you go forward with designing your home or giving it a home make over.

Finally every single stage in designing your home or giving it a make over. Most home make overs are a marathon rather than a sprint. A home make over by the way is never said to be complete as a home keeps on changing depending on its occupants, their experiences in life and their personalities.

“Wacha niKwambie”

November 2018 – #Kwetu

A focus on intentional design of homes

© Kwambie Nyambane,

November 2018.