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Travel tips for this season

9th December 2018

It is that time of the year when many of us the world over pack our bags and together with our loved ones travel to different destinations to enjoy the holiday season. The following are some good travel tips during this season:


Your safety always comes first.

As much as possible do not put your travel details online to protect you and your family against online stalkers. Not everyone who knows of your travel itinerary online wishes you well. However, it isa good idea to ensure that some key family or close friends know of your travel destination.  Keep in touch with them from time to time during your travels to inform them that you are doing fine.

Have someone keep check of your house when away better still have someone leave in it. It is a good idea to leave a few night lights on if noon is available to hose keep so to say.

If you have a pet or keep house flowers, have someone take care of your pet and someone tend your in house plants.

Write down emergency contacts information. These include close friends and family to contact in the event of an emergency, that is next of kin, the police, ambulance services, nearest hospital etc.

Keep your valuables within reach or within your eye. Most hotel rooms offer safe deposit lockers for extreme valuables.

Travel insurance is good to have to cushion one against loss or ill health.

Invest on good accommodation, a reliable transport provider and tour operator. Trying to minimize costs on these may compromise your safety and quality of travels.

Where in doubt about safety it is advisable to walk in numbers.

Always have a first aid kit in your possession. This will come in handy in simple cuts, bruises, sprains and burns.

Trust your instincts.

As much as possible stay sober and remain street smart.

Travel documents and logistics

Take advantage of holiday deals. Make your bookings early in time to avoid last minute disappointments.

If traveling by air consider checking online to avoid lengthy queues that are common during this holiday season.

Ensure that you reach the bus stop and the airport in good time.

All the travel documents should be kept safely.

Ensure that you know about the anticipated weather in your travel destination so that you can pack appropriate clothes. In line with this pack travel sized lotions.


Ensure that you always have sufficient cash in your possession.

Extra cash should be kept in hard to decipher places.

Cultural factors

Bear in mind the different cultural expectations of the travel destination and be compliant in behaviour, speech or dressing style.

Food and drinks

Eat only from reliable sources. Places that have huge human traffic are bound to have fresher turn over for food as opposed to restaurants that are not patronized by many.

Drink alcohol responsibly.

On behalf of “Wacha niKwambie” blog, we take this opportune moment to wish you and your loved ones “Happy Holidays” for 2018 and best wishes for a prosperous 2019. We have soared with the eagles in matters Wellness this year, next year brings yet another exciting  theme in this blog. Keep it here!

© Kwambie Nyambane, December 2018