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Mamasita and the job hunt

25th May 2019

Job Hunting tips for the fresh graduate
So I decided to move on with my life and make something of my life after my break up with Tim. Enough of the relationship drama for now, crying myself to sleep at night, enough of the pity party. I am going to build myself and some day Tim will discover that the one he gave away will be the only one he will be wishing for.

It’s been two years after graduation and I can’t get a job. I have been working at Dad’s wholesale shop at Thika but to be honest I feel so cheated with life. After all that transnighting at Kabete. Is this what I was meant to do with my life? Two years, three job interviews later, all unsuccessful. My hope of becoming a high flying Mamasita, rich and famous are fizzling fast.

What to do guys? Mamasita feels like giving up.

Let me check out big sis’ Kwambie’s blog, I think she posted something about the job hunt when she was about my age. Daaaamn, the chica was tiiiiiny then. Kwani people become fat when they turn 40? That is not gonna happen to me for sure – I am slaying forever in this hot bod.

What big sis Kwambie thinks:
Have an Open Mind as you job hunt for your first job Mamasita. Rarely does one land into their dream job on the first try, the first thing to hope for as a fresh graduate is to get yourself into the job market and from their build your skills set and experience. I remember my first salary from my first job, I ” blew”‘ all of it for a mobile phone and line for my mother, I remember walking into Ngara market after a month of work and sprucing up my wardrobe- once DO NOT RELY ON MUM AND DAD a chick always a chick I tell you. A few months down the line after landing my first job my sister and I were spotted at Sunbeam (this second hand market used to be smack in the city centre) shopping for a decent skirt suit for a job interview in a multinational company.

I was paid very little in my first job yet the experiences I gained from my first employer set me up for better employment six months down the line. Worth noting is that sometimes your first job opportunity may not even be in your first degree; still seize the day. As long as an organization’s value and vision are in tandem with yours, I say go for it Mamasita and build up on the experience gained.

Even as you have an open mind to opportunity ensure that it is something that you will enjoy doing for a while.
On that note, a salute to my first employer, thank you for the opportunity that you gave me several years ago.

Mamasita, have Professional Confidence. You are now an adult. Do not rely on Mum and Dad to get you a job. When it comes to building your CV unless your folks are professionals, get some professional help in the same. In the same breathe Mum and Dad should not tag along in job interviews, you are now an adult capable of fighting your own professional battles.
Ensure that as many people as possible know that you are look for a job. Ensure that as many employment agencies have your CV. Join online job boards where employment opportunities are posted on a regular basis.

Did I hear you comparing your life to your classmates?Did I hear you say that some are doing much better than you? Stop Comparing yourself to others – Chica at 25 years of age you have your whole life ahead of you. Life is interesting with its twists and turns, every one of your class mates will have different fortunes in the job market and life in general. Life is not a race of you pitted against other people, it is about you being the best version of you and bringing out all the potential in you. You focus on your skills, experiences and competencies towards getting into the job market and building the best life for yourself.

To my youthful peops even as you seek employment do not pass up Opportunities to volunteer or intern. From them you will polish = your skills and experience and turn your book knowledge into practical experience. One of my fondest memories in life was interning in a small college that my father used to run as a part lecturer in Food and Nutrition. This opportunity really built up my communication, planning and confidence skills as I continue “tarmacking” for a job. It also got me into the mindset of working as I found myself preparing for the day, organizing my outfit to look like a lecturer. An added bonus were the friends I made with the lecturers and students alike and this enhanced my social skills and social life at the time.
Ensure that you are well groomed and dress in tandem with the expectations of the organizations where you seek job opportunities in.

Last but not least have a positive spirit. Show passion and enthusiasm for the job that you are being interviewed. Show how your education and even experience in your learning institutions will bring value to the organization.

Wish you all youthful readers, many of whom are fresh graduates all the best in the Job Hunt.

“Wacha niKwambie”
“25 is a good age to be”
© Kwambie Nyambane,
May 2019