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My Kwambie Inspiration: My Country Kenya

The warmth of its people, beautiful climate, good food, diverse and lovely geography keep me rooted here.

Where there is lack, where there is need, where there is ignorance that is where opportunity lies to be the change and live an indelible mark.

And that is my driving force every single day!


One day as a young adult, as I was talking with my father, he mentioned to me how most people value their lives no matter how insignificant they may seem to the world – most humans love life. He pointed out to me that even the lowliest of people would not happily say, “shoot me now!”. In the eyes of our Creator no human life is a mistake and that is why most of us are born with a nascent love for life and will to fight for it with all our might, no matter where we were born or the circumstances we were born into.

This has been a great driving force for my life as a writer and blogger. A while back when I felt like my life was stuck in a rut of sorts, I sat back and asked myself, “Remember as a little girl what did you really enjoy doing before life happened?” – Eureka moment right there “reading random stuff and writing stories and talking about it.”

-Inspiring stuff, content that makes this ride enjoyable, that is what I was going to blog about.

Look inside yourself, in whatever part of the world that you live in or born in, see how you can make it a better place with the passion and talent that you were born with. Walk with your head up high whether European, Asian, American, Australian or African like myself.

“You must leave this world a better place than it would have been had you not existed.”

Recently I had some after work coffee with one of my favorite people in the planet who wants to start a blog. We are both in our fab forties.

I replied, “Get something that you are totally passionate about, that way you will never get bored, that which you always find yourself looking for more information about on a personal basis and you will draw others in the journey of blogging with you. You must be your own inspiration. It must first start with you!”

The week of the Kenyan blog awards is here, finally! Wacha niKwambie truly, truly another nomination the second year in a row means someone appreciates the blog, someone is watching, and we are on to something good. It speaks of unmerited favour from the Most High God. And I am truly grateful as His daughter.

Look inside of you what sets your heart on fire, no matter how kawaida (ordinary) or crazy that it may seem, actualize it and look to our God above to bless it.

Daddy, we did it again! I know your spirit watches over us at me this week. Your beautiful legacy lives on through us.

Happy New Week to all!

Simply, Lissie. Simply, Me.

“Wacha niKwambie”
June 2019 –  My Kwambie Inspiration


© Kwambie Nyambane, June 2019