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25 is a good age to be: Entrepreneurship

The following conversation ensues at CJ’s with one Mamasita and Kwambie Nyambane.

Mamasita: Hey big sis, good to see you. I see you are rocking that natural hair, looking good but it must be really tough with this cold weather.

Kwambie: Yep, it sure is I am thinking of putting some protective styling over the weekend and then reverting back to my natural hair when the weather is fairer. Might you have any ideas of a hairstyle? A braided or crotchet up do or something? Something similar to what you have.

Mamasita: I take that as a compliment.

Kwambie: You look awesome. That hairstyle brings out your African beauty kabisa.(Trans. totally)

Mamasita: Thank for sharing that blog throw back from Dr. Marci Nyanchama on the musings of an entrepreneur…/time-to-make-your-dream-co…/ – that blog post was from a while back I must have been in forth form or something. Interesting that the fundamentals of entrepreneurship still remain the same over time. Tell me where can one get ideas to begin a from? Are their certain skills that are critical for a young entrepreneur anything that you have gathered from your blog research?

What we at “Wacha niKwambie” think:

There are several ways someone can get a business idea;

  • From ones interests, hobbies, skills and experiences
  • conversations with friends and family
  • addressing challenges that one faces on a day to day
  • improving on the limitations or shortcomings of a product or service
  • ideas gotten from newspapers, magazines and the internet
  • attending trade fairs and exhibitions
  • being a franchise of an already existing corporation

Are just but a few of the places that one can get business ideas from.

Every youthful entrepreneurship should have strength and resilience. The journey of entrepreneurship is one of ups and downs. They must keep their eyes on the prize and must not see obstacles as stumbling blocks but as stepping stones to up their game.

They must have good presentation and communication skills in order to engage effectively with their current and potential clients.

Digital Marketing is a must in this day and age. Have an online presence for your goods and services that is facebook and Instagram.

They must endeavour to network  and interact with other entrepreneurs and keep on improving on their skills and expertise so as to enable that they are always at the cutting edge of their chosen field of entrepreneurship.

Time is a very precious commodity for the youthful and budding entrepreneur. The youthful must appreciate the 80% of  his activities that give 20% of returns. They must make good use of their time.

They must learn how to manage people as ones business grows it will need employees.

The youthful entrepreneur must forever remain passionate about their product.

“Wacha niKwambie”

May/June 2019 – 25 is a good age to be

© Kwambie Nyambane,

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June 2019

POST SCRIPT: Today marks my one year employment at my current gig. I want to thank the Almighty for granting me this day and for connecting  me to an employer who appreciates my hobby, passion  and hustle as an inspiration Lifestyle and Wellness Kenyan blogger