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25 is a good age to be: A safe sexual lifestyle

The following telephone conversation ensues in the +254.

Mamasita: Hi, Big Sis. Hope you are good. Did you win the blog awards?
Kwambie: Oh no I didn’t, but you know that does not stop me from doing what I enjoying doing the most and that is a reward in itself. My time will come in its own time. You do
realize that we are still one of the best five lifestyle blogs in the republic two years in a row; absolutely tickled by that!

Mamasita: Hatutachoka kukuvotia (Trans: We will not tire voting for you) I saw your posts on facebook your excitement for the blog awards -, to be honest that long dress makes you
look older and the shorter one younger. Love the new colourful afro hair do – you are quite the colourful banker?
Kwambie:Thanks Small Sis. I am slowly transitioning into a full blown red head. How have you been?

Mamasita: Awesome, Sis. We are currently in training at my place of work. Loving it. By the way thank you so much for the focus on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, I can’t wait for the
blog post on the interview with Chris Mwangi and how he triumphed over Alcoholism, I have two ex-classmates I worry about and their bondage by alcohol. Oh one more thing, I finally
accepted a coffee date with Kevo. I like him lots, like lots, lots, lots. I didn’t really find him attractive at first sight he has grown into me, pun intended. I bumped into Timo, my ex , no
drama, said hi and moved on.

Kwambie: Whaat! – that is awesome. Take it slow. Let one thing build up into another
Kwambie: About the interview with Chris. I will share the link once the blog post is out.

Mamasita: Looks like you are winding up on the focus area for June 2019 on your blog, “25 is a good age to be”, but I have not heard any mention about Sex the whole month through. You do realize that many of my age are by now having “it” and loving “it”. Do you have anything to blog about a healthy sexual lifestyle?
Kwambie: I thought I would save it for last seeing how much excitement the topic always brings. I remember when I was your age, our bodies were just like switches. Sometimes one
thing would lead to another and before you know it, that hot dude has just “crossed” with a mama. Sigh. Unfortunately many got themselves in sexual situations that got them with a Sexually Transmitted Disease or an unplanned for pregnancy. Those were the days one thought they could just breathe sperms and be pregnant talk about high fertility days those
days were but I digress.
Mamasita: Thanks Sis.

Kwambie: There was a blog post from our blog archives we did a while back which would be really helpful. I will send the link on the Wellness Whatsapp group, please circulate it widely,
Mamasita: Sawa.
Mamasita then receives a whatsapp message from Kwambie in a Wellness group that they
both belong to. It shares a link to an article in the blog


“Wacha niKwambie”
May/June 2019 – “25 is a good age to be”