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Work hard, rest hard: Vacation Ideas

Considering going on vacation? There is an array of vacation types that you can choose from and choose what is best for you.

The most basic type of vacation is called a “Staycation”. This type of vacation is ideal for someone who may be low on funds, needs to be near home or is just fatigued from the wanderlust travel of previous vacations. It entails creating an itinerary of vacation where or near where one lives and going back home for rest. For someone who lives in Nairobi and is considering a staycation examples of some things one may do include sampling local restaurants, going on a game drive at the National Park, catching a movie, catching a play, listening to a live band, going dancing, going swimming in a local hotel,, etc and in the evening going back home to rest.

Others may consider a “Volunteering vacation where they choose to Give Back in noble ventures or to the less fortunate in society. An example of a volunteering vacation would be taking leave to offer free services at a children’s home, repaint a school, volunteer in a holiday program for children, etc.

Beach based vacations which entail a slot of sand and sunshine. Perfect for relaxation and low octane activities.

Camping vacations are also another popular type of vacation.

Road trips. Which entail driving and setting base in different towns.

Trips to the city or alternatively a vacation in a rural country set up.

Consider also Cruise vacations which entail a hotel set up, complete with myriad activities in ships sailing at sea.

Other variants of vacations that one can consider are Group vacations where one travels with a group of friends and/or family or solo vacations where one travels on their own. Group vacations can also be Boy Club or Girl Club based vacations where one vacations with friends of a similar gender.

Resort vacations; This entail enjoying your vacation within the confines of a resort. Locally in Kenya resorts such as Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha, Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa are some that come to mind. They promise a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for their clientele.

National Park vacations: These are holiday destinations that are smack in the middle of national parks allowing us humans to bond with nature for rejuvenation. This entail viewingwild life, a lot of game drives and bush dinner experiences.

Consider too Personal Growth vacations. One may choose to go for a conference or learn a new skill when on vacation for personal growth and at the same time as a break from the day to day life.

Sports vacations are also becoming popular. Many may choose to go on sports tours e.g. following golf tournaments or marathons in exotic destinations as a means of rest and relaxation.

For many the ultimate vacation is a Trip Abroad; getting to experience different cultures and people as one vacations.

Are there any other types of vacations that we may have left out?

What makes a vacation memorable is our last stop on this focus on Vacations this month of August 2019.

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