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What makes a vacation memorable?

“Company, be it self, special one, kids or crew. For me the experience is who I am sharing it with more than the place per se.”

Andrew Amadi

“Three things for me…..The good service, food and amenities. For me I think the people I encounter make everything worthwhile but the amenities especially experience in activities for my children will always matter. Being a chef food can never be understated. Wow us. There is always a new way to cook something that I have eaten 10 times that will make me say yummy.”

Sheila Wakhu

What comes tops is the people that you will spend your vacation with. Company, friends and family can make or break a vacation. Always carry a camera to capture those most memorable moments of your vacation. Being flexible. Sometimes when it comes to executing a vacation it may not turn out as anticipated. Do not sweat and fret the small stuff, enjoy your vacation anyway.

Others mention that planning for the vacation and building up to it make it most memorable. The serenity of the destination. More people prefer serene vacations as opposed to high energy, high octane vacations. Many would prefer a vacation by the beach as opposed to the city for example.

Keep electronic and mobile devices away and live in the moment of the vacation.

Are there things that we have left out that make a vacation most memorable for you? Please add on the comment section.

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