Wining and dining: What to consider

25th September 2019

As the holiday season draws nigh, many of us look forward to sampling some of the restaurants around that offer delightful African Cuisine in days to come. So what are some of the things one should bear into consideration when choosing where to wine and dine?

Positive reviews and referrals from family and friends. Closely related to this is family tastes and preferences.

Level of hygiene. In this days of food borne diseases like cholera one should be double sure of the hygiene standards of where one chooses to eat out.

Type of cuisine. Sometimes when choosing to eat out one may wish to experience a certain type of culture and this will determine the cuisine chosen.

The in house chef. Yes, some chefs are celebrated for their expertise in certain cuisines which many will seek and pay a premium for.

Value for money. There is a reason why some restaurants charge a premium, it is anticipated that the service and the cuisine that they will offer will also be of a high standard.

The ambience of the restaurant. Sometimes a simple no frills set up will do it for us at other times one may want to experience a restaurant for its artefacts on display and the music. Sometimes one may want to experience a casual fast food experience at other times one may want to experience a romantic set up. This has to do with the ambience of the restaurant.

A spirit of adventure, being open minded and trying out something new to the palette.

Is the restaurant child friendly? Does it offer kiddie size menus? In the same breathe are there play areas for the little tots? Diaper changing areas?

Historical relevance or cultural experience are other factors that may make us choose where to wine and dine. One of my favourite experiences when hanging out at Mombasa, Kenya’s coastal city are the Swahili style dishes restaurants smack in the middle of the Old Town, their chicken biryani is to
die for and the old town feeling is priceless.

Consider too dietary restrictions especially when wining and dining with a diverse group of people. Some people are vegetarian. Others because of health reasons may require a no sugar diet for example. A restaurant should be flexible to tweak its menu to accommodate different people with their dietary requirements.

The traffic and parking situation. These can be cause of a lot of time wastage and frustration.

Waiting time. There should be a reasonable amount of time from when one places their order to when the food arrives at their table.

Supporting a friend’s hustle.

Can you think of other factors that we may have left out when choosing where to dine and wine?

“Wacha niKwambie”
October 2019 – African Cuisine Delights