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What Makes us Beautiful?

Absolutely delighted to turn in another year, to celebrate another birthday in about a month’s time. As a countdown to my birthday this year, I am taking some time to reflect and rejuvenate. It is a time for personal R.E.N.E.W.A.L.. A time for quite reflections of days gone by with anticipation of days to come. Follow me in a journey dabbed, “What makes us beautiful?” I believe that every single human being has something that makes them beautiful. Allow me to extend the courtesy to the ladies first.

“What makes a woman truly beautiful?”
Is it in her smile, in the crinkle in her eye?
Is it in the arch of her back?
Is it in the curve of her breasts?
Is it in in the stride of her walk as she sways her hips?
Is it in her choice of clothes?
Is it in the tubs of make up, jingling accessories in her boudoir?
Is it in the circumference of her waist?
Is it in the whisper of her voice as she sings a lullaby?
Is it in the suave moves as she steers the car through the mad city traffic?
Is it in the soles of her feet, after hurling away the stilletos?
Is it in the tears that flow easily after triumph? After betrayal? Or anything in between?
Is it in her warmth that cushions many a hurting human soul?
Is it in the food she prepares; the greatest condiment being her love?
Is it in the sacrifice that she makes daily that her children’s lives may be more beautiful than hers?
Is it in her passions, that which gives her the drive every single day?
Pray tell me what makes a women truly beautiful?

“Wacha niKwambie”
October 2019 – R.E.N.E.W.A.L of body, mind and soul
What makes us beautiful?

© Kwambie Nyambane,
October 2019