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If I knew then what I know now

Sometimes it's never that serious, sometimes it really is that serious.

I know you have really worked hard to earn that Food Science degree but you will work in Business Development and Financial Services and love it and make a professional impact there.

You will always love writing and thinking things through, one day your diaries, yes the ones where you use code words so that "trespassers" do not understand what you are writing hehehe will give birth to a great blog that many will understand and that will impact the world.

You will fall in love over and over over again with the nieces beyond their first day in the planet.

Daddy will die. Joash will die. People do not last forever do not ever take them for granted but True Love lasts forever. Make them proud even if they are not here.

You will have a son who will show you the world of little boys away from pretty bows, braids and makeup. You will enjoy taking him for sports practice. You will begin taking a glance in the Sports Channel every once in a while just because of him.


You will always go for a unique buy and good bargain. Toi Market will never go out of fashion.

You will always love the finer things in life. Do not be apologetic about that. So you will always work hard for them. Delayed gratification for what you desire tomorrow.

You will be understated wealthy. Wealthy beyond even what money buys.

Friends for a reason, a season, for a lifetime never forget that one.

Take good care of your skin, it will show when you are 41.

The digital age will come in a big, big way. And related to that something called social media.

Something else called MPESA.

We are going to have a second Kenyatta as president.

You will be disappointed in those you trust in a big way. Do not pay back. Press the mute and ignore button and swiftly move on with your life.

You may never have grey hair or it will take a long time to come after your contemporaries. So those dreams of a sophisticated short silver natural hair style after 40 they will have to wait to may be after 50.

Sometimes you will feel like a man has failed you, God has failed you but never ever give up neither on falling in love again nor life. Quitting is for smokers.

You will always enjoy taking a walk at night in the moonlight preferably hand clasped with your boo's. African nights reign! - So romantic.

Never let go of your faith in God and childlike wonder. That will keep you ageless.

You will always have a beautiful mind, running with all those thoughts and ideas. Do not be selfish - use it to enrich others' lives too.

8-4-4 will give way to CBC. and mother hen will have "mtu wa CBC" in her nest. Guide him to the next gen of excellence.

© Kwambie Nyambane, October 2019