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What makes us Beautiful – On Men & inner Beauty

From my research the pressure for men to be physically attractive is not as intense as women and what we find most appealing in men is their innate characteristics that is their personality and truth be told their earning power that is their financial muscle this overtakes by far good looks and well chiselled bodies. Typically, many women would choose a man based on good looks alone for a fling but not for a long term relationship.

A sense of humor that is a man who can make us laugh comes as one of the top traits of highly attractive men.

Kindness, good deeds, loving and empathetic have also been termed as traits in desirable men.

Older men may be found more desirable over younger men because of financial muscle that they have developed and grown over time.

A gentleman. Chivalrous traits e.g. opening doors for women, letting a woman go in first, buying flowers and chocolate, footing the bill for a woman that you are dating.

Other traits in highly desirable men include;
Financially secure.
A man who has purpose, is driven and is motivated.
Honesty and trustworthiness also rank highly in traits of highly attractive men.
A man who supports his woman to be the best woman that she can be is also considered highly attractive.
A man who takes care of his personal grooming and looks well put together is also appealing.
Yet other traits considered in “beautiful” men;
Spontaneous and adventurous.
Authenticity that is keeping it real.
Emotional Stability.
Masculinity and

Can you think of other inner traits of highly attractive men?

This discussion is by no means exhaustive as sometimes even what is quirky about a man makes him highly attractive and indeed every gander has his goose. So to my girl friends no judging other girl friends’ men on a lighter note.

What is found totally repulsive in men is abusers whether emotional, physical or sexual abusers.

“Wacha niKwambie”
October 2019 – R.E.N.E.W.A.L of body, mind and soul
What makes us beautiful

© Kwambie Nyambane
October 2019