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Homes and Gardens – The benefits of gardening

20th November 2019

Every month of November like we have always done in blog, Kenya we close the year by a focus on “Homes”. This year we focus on Gardens hence “Homes and Gardens” is close to my heart despite limited knowledge in floriculture or “plantculture”, I am sure it is very fulfilling bringing the idea of a garden to life. I am also to meet the one  someone who does not enjoy relaxing in the beautiful scenery of a garden.

So what are some of the benefits of gardening?

Nature relaxes and is a source of tranquillity and healing.

Might you know that the art of Gardening is a stress reducer? When one puts their heart and soul into their Gardening a sense of happiness and peace of mind is derived.

Because of reduced stress, you sleep better.

Exposure to Vitamin D increases when Gardening which means higher Calcium levels increase  hence ones bones and immune system is stronger.

It has also been shown that Gardening reduces the risk of developing Dementia. Engaging in Gardening is brain food.

Some types of Gardening offer some form of exercise which is good for health, consider hand exercise and even cardiovascular exercise.

A level of satisfaction and self esteem is derived when one creates a garden, from literally nothing something beautiful evolves and #becomes.

Gardening together as a family helps build relationships and bonding.

You have the opportunity to grow your own food and this can save one a hard earned penny.

Gardening also increases the value of property.

And last but not least, Gardening leaves a positive impact to the environment.

So why not begin your own Garden today?

Look out for our next blog post which is “Types of Gardens”.

Enjoy the rest of your week, hope you all develop that green thumb.

“Wacha niKwambie”

November 2019 – Homes and Gardens

© Kwambie Nyambane, November 2019.