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High School, Here I come – Preparing for High School

“During your first few weeks of high school you should be prepared to feel a little bit out of place until you get the hang of things. You may feel like everyone is more mature and that you are expected to have more responsibility than you did in primary school.

The responsibility of a smooth transition into high school depends a lot on the guardian or the parent of a child. As a guardian or parent try and remember your own transition into high school; the fears and challenges that came with it in order to empathize with your child’s situation.

Have open communication with your child .so that they can share with you any fears or concerns that they may have concerning joining high school. Ensure that they know that you are ready to listen to any of their problems however big or small that they may seem.

Now that you know what school that your child is going to join, it does no harm if possible to make a physical visit to the school during the transition period so that they can familiarize
themselves with the school and adjust emotionally.

Also network with other parents or children whose children may be joining the same high school so that your child has a familiar face to transition into high school with.

Reminiscing my own transition into high school decades ago, to be honest there was no form one parent or child that my parents and I knew, but there was one girl in Form Two who lived in our neighborhood, she was my friend’s big sister. she would come to check on me after class from time to time and seeing a familiar face was very encouraging as a young teenager.

Let your high school joining child have a social life. Sadly some parents think that all there is to a child’s life is studying. Social and communication skills are important when a child is transitioning into high school. Let your home be the home where children are free to converge and socialize, offer to drop them for heir meet ups with friends, get too know your
child’s friends, their parents and homes.

Get your child into into extracurricular activities that bring out their passion or that will help them excel in high school e.g. holiday camps. Create a study place for your child at home complete with a desk lighting, study lamp books. This study place is especially important for day scholars but is also a good place for study when the boarding school children embark on holidays.

Inculcate in your child a habit of healthy eating, exercise and sufficient sleep
“Wacha niKwambie”‘
December 2019 – High school here I come

Dedicated to K.C.P.E. Class of 2019 and all those transitioning into high school in 2020