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Wacha niKwambie on Signs of Low Self Esteem

Ladies are you scared of leaving the house ever without make up, without pimping your face? Say you need to go to the kiosk to buy bread and you must touch up your face. It could be a sign of low self esteem in an effort to always present a perfect physical image to the world. Consider other signs of a low self esteem;
Sensitivity to criticism.
Socially withdrawn.
Hostile to other people.
Excess preoccupation with personal problems.
Are you hard on yourself but lenient to others?
Do you suffer from fatigue, headaches and insomnia?
Are self critical and negative thoughts constantly crossing your mind?
Are you unable to trust your own opinion? Are you afraid to give your opinion in conversation?
Do you find yourself over thinking?
Are you afraid to take on new challenges in life?
Are you frequently anxious and undergo emotional turmoil?
Are you indecisive in making simple decisions?
Do you give up too soon?
Do you find it hard to believe genuine compliments sent your way?
Do you have a slouch in your posture and find it hard to look at people in the eye when speaking?
It is true that hurting people hurt others;
Do you put others down and make fun of them to feel better about yourself?

Are you upset and envious when someone else is more popular or successful and resenting that person?
Do you find it difficult to enjoy and celebrate your achievements, due to not being able to achieve even more?
Do you perceive failures as confirmations of worthlessness instead of learning experiences?

Other not so obvious signs of low self esteem are;
Over confidence and over sharing
Having a healthy sense of self worth means you are a well balanced person neither too sensitive to criticism, nor too dependent on praise that is feeling good about being in your own skin. You do not look down on anyone or feel threatened by those who know or earn more than you. However, there are those who obsess on being famous or successful only to prove themselves. They are in constant need of approval and admiration since their sense of self worth is not internal but based on what others think. Lack of self esteem can manifest in over confidence and boasting.

Oversharing may also be a sign of low self esteem where one reveals inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life. With the advent of social media this is becoming very common. Oversharing comes from a deep desire to connect with someone; it is often done unconsciously. Oversharing happens because of the following;
1. a false sense of intimacy.
2.solace in a stranger who may not know much about you and you have a false sense of security to share without feeling judged.
3. an attempt to fast track a relationship.
4.lack of boundaries.
5. a hasty effort to make someone else feel comfortable.

On knowing the causes of low self esteem and signs of low self esteem it becomes much easier to know how to boost ones self esteem, self confidence and self value.

Next week we bring an end to the month of January 2020 signs of a healthy self esteem and how one can boost ones self esteem. Are you feeling psyched up for the year already with this focus on self esteem?

“Wacha niKwambie”
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.
On self esteem.

© Kwambie Nyambane,
January 2020