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Wacha niKwambie on Signs of a Healthy Self Esteem

31st January 2020

On you,
You accept yourself with your imperfections.
You are fearless in expressing your feelings; your likes and dislikes.
You have a healthy appearance and take the time to take care of your physical appearance.
You easily make decisions concerning your life.
Life is an enjoyment to you.
You solve problems.
You have personal values that guide your life.
You aim for what to do and plan for it.
You are Creative always thinking of ways to make yourself and those around you better.
You take risks and chances.
You accept full responsibility for the quality of your life.
You actively seek work that you enjoy.
You are not afraid to take calculated risks.
You avoid self destructive behaviour e.g. addictions, reckless driving, poor financial decisions.
You do not well too much on the past but are busy building the present.
You are okay with making mistakes because you learn from them.
You exhibit good body posture and hold your head up high.

On relating with others,
You appreciate other people and do not put them down.
You respect other people's opinions even if they differ from your own.
You allow yourself to be vulnerable as you invite friendship and intimacy to your life.
You build other people.

You do not
You do not allow others to manipulate you.
You do not put up with abuse or maltreatment from others.
You do not take criticism personally.
You do not use language that puts yourself down.

Look out for our next blog post on How to boost your Self Esteem. It is all about bringing back the glamour to our lives this year of 2020 and to do that we need to
have Healthy self Esteem.

“Wacha niKwambie”
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.
On Self Esteem.