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An Ode to our beloved Mary – She was always there

She was there when Mummy needed a hand.
She was there when Mummy needed to look dapper for church.
She was there when the home needed to be spic and span.
She was there preparing a meal for family and Mummy’s guests too.
She was there for all of Mummy’s doctors’ appointments.
She was there when Mummy wanted her favorite snack.
She was there when Kwambie called her at random moments of the day to ask about Mummy’s well-being.
She was there picking choice fruits and vegetables at the market for Mummy.
She was there when we needed someone to babysit the Champ.
She was there in our daily prayer morning devotions with Mummy.
She was there when we took Mummy to get her Huduma number.
She was there in Mummy’s final journey to the land of our ancestors.
She was there when Kwambie needed to sort out stuff at home, a time to move on.
She was there preparing meals for the fundis at home.
She was there for her own children because she did all this for the love of her own.
Esther was there through thick and thin.
Yes Esther, because Mummy nicknamed her beloved caregiver so.

I will never ever forget you Mary/Esther. I write this with emotional tears in my eyes, may God bless you, multiply you and multiply your children. Kwambie is just but a phone call away, never ever forget that . I wish you all the best in your future undertakings, be blessed. I look forward to hearing of the good things that our God brought your way in years to come
and yes, I do love you for you became more of family than a care giver to us for you were ALWAYS there.