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Loving me, loving you – On being single again

On interviewing a few single people who were once married and are now widowed, divorced or separated these are some of the responses we got.

“I am grieving. It is like a part of me has died with my wife gone. I feel so lost, where do Ieven begin?”

“I feel so lonely sometimes. There is a companionship that I yearn from a partner that my children cannot give me.”

“Kwambie, where do I even begin looking for another partner? How do people even date these days? What is the dating scene like in Kenya these days?”

“For men it is easier to move on, for us women it is different. I am devoting my life to my church for the rest of my life. ”

“I am too old and then who will want me with my five kids?”

“No more beatings and being told of how stupid I am every single day. I may have less money but I have peace of mind and soon I will have my self – esteem back.”

“No relationship ever again for me. I am not ready to endure the hurt, pain and betrayal all over again.”

“I am so glad that that is over. That marriage was a big mistake. I am open to finding love again. And yes I will be married again, having learned from the mistakes of my first marriage, this time it will be for keeps.”

“The hustle is real after my husband left us, he simply does not provide for us financially anymore. Life is tough.”

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

“Better having loved and lost than never having loved at all.”

Wow, quite moving those those thoughts are.

February 2020 – Loving me, loving you
On singlehood
© Kwambie Nyambane,
February 2020

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