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Loving me, loving you – challenges of singlehood

One great challenge that many single people have is lack of physical affection and touch. Closely related to this is self control in sexuality. This can push one to desperate relationships e.g. getting back with an ex, having one night stands or having a relationship with a totally incompatible partner to meet this need physical affection, touch and unmet sexual needs.

Another challenge is looking at married couples or those in relationships with envy. Then there is the challenge that it seems that anyone you want is already taken or does not want you.

Others cite financial challenges reasoning that two heads are better than one when it comes to money matters.

Another challenge is family and society’s expectations about your single status and pressure to couple up.
Becoming self reliant on the ups and downs and daily struggles with life is a struggle particularly for those who have had relationship breakdown or loss of a partner. One misses the things their partner /spouse used to do for them.

Other singletons become so self-reliant that having a partner would seem to interfere with one’s life and this becomes a challenge in coupling up.

Adoption of children is harder for single people.

Then there is the issue of poor eating habits. This is particularly so for bachelors who may find it difficult to prepare nutritious and complete meals on a day to day basis. Are there any challenges that single people may face that we have not captured?

©”Wacha niKwambie” – Loving you, loving me
On single hood.
© Kwambie Nyambane,
February 2020
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