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Loving me, loving you: Living life to the fullest as a single person

The greatest challenge as a single person is also the greatest treasure depending on how you look at it. Feeling alone or is it lonely, having so much time, resources to yourself. Until you
find a partner to do this life with; if you hope to be coupled up in future being single is the greatest time to live a full life without owing your life to anybody or realigning your goals to
somebody else. You are complete as a human being. Never ever forget that.

You do not owe anyone explanations or reasons as to why you are single. Do not succumb to family or societal pressure to mark a checklist off of being married or being in a relationship
if you are not ready to commit to one or are unsure about the person that you are dating. Believe you me you would rather be single than in a bad relationship or worse still a bad
marriage for that matter.

Consider the following ways one can live a full life as a single person;
Build yourself to be the best that you can be. Give it your best shot in your career, profession and/or business. Take an extra course, pursue a hobby that you have been neglecting for years, try out a new passion.

Work hard, save hard and invest your money wisely.
Be generous with time, love and generosity to your friends and family. For example, spend time with your nieces and nephews if you do not have children of your own yet. Offer to help organize family events and functions.

Being single is a perfect time to focus on your health. Use the free time to work your body and exercise, build up on the fitness initiatives.

Give Back to the community by volunteering, giving your time and resources to the less fortunate in society.

Go on mark off those items off your bucket list which you have been thinking about for years which may include traveling to exotic destinations. Traveling solo is a time to rediscover and know oneself.

Make new friends and yet keep the old. Singlehood is a wonderful time to create a support network of your own. Hang out with your friends.

Pamper yourself; take yourself for a spa treat, eat out, shop for lovely grooming, personal and wardrobe items that build to your image as a singleton.
Take this time as a singleton to fully discover who you are and fall in love with yourself over and over again! Remember, ‘glamour is about feeling good in your own skin’ and that is where we are at as a blog this year.
“Wacha niKwambie:” Loving me, Loving you. On singlehood
© Kwambie Nyambane,