Be Still in the Quiet – My thoughts on Covid-19

I am seated here enjoying or trying to enjoy a weekend of forced solitude brought about by the dreaded Covid – 19 corona virus. Typically at around this time on a Sunday I would be somewhere enjoying myself with my little family as we recharge our batteries for a new week but I must accept like all human beings across the globe that this is a weekend like no other. A weekend of self isolation, quarantine, a weekend of aloneness. “Be still my soul, may I find my centre in the quite and in the still”, I say to myself.

When the first case of the corona virus was announced by our government in Kenya, like most Kenyans my typical reaction was of fear, panic and apprehension. This fear was exacerbated when I witnessed shoppers streaming into super markets around in an effort to protect themselves and their loved ones from eventualities that were still not well understood by them.

We are now on to the second week since patient number zero of the corona virus was identified in Kenya, the number of cases have increased by a factor of 15 with one out of the woods and patient number zero having recovered. In a country of around 45 million people this may seem insignificant but the virulence of this particular virus behoves us all to take drastic action as advised by our health authorities; no congregations of crowds, learning institutions have come to a stand still, remote working from home, hygiene measures such as hand washing and use of sanitizers have been amplified, all passenger flights to and from my beloved country Kenya have been suspended. Truly as our Cabinet Secretary of Health, Hon. Mutahi Kagwe insinuated is that we are in a critical situation heath wise and if we treat this pandemic in a normal way it will behave abnormally towards us.

Always one to look at the silver lining in the cloud, make lemonade out of my lemonade this health impasse is an opportunity for all of humanity to pause, go into hibernation and like the butterfly emerge more beautiful, stronger and united. It is a time to apply the brakes in life from the helter and skelter that we are used to. It is an opportunity to pursue those things that we typically have not had time too, to pray, listen, read and write more. To recharge our batteries, for what is within us is stronger than what is behind us or ahead of us. To strengthen our family bonds, reach out and make a telephone call to that friend of yours whom you have not heard from for a long time. Create and rejuvenate.

Our children are watching and learning too that fear and panic is never an option in calamity time, calm and well thought out action is.

So as I go back to my random thoughts, as I sip from a glass of my favourite, may we all be still, and in the quite and in the still find peace.

Love and light to all.

© Kwambie Nyambane,

March 2020
Tribute: This article is dedicated to the loving memory of my brother Joash Agwata Nyambane who would have turned 38 years old this past week. To celebrate his life, the www.wachanikwambie, “Wacha niKwambie” blog will be making a donation to St. Mariane Children Centre, Nairobi County to keep the children safe and healthy during this season of the corona virus pandemic. Sadly, bu the time of going to press the number of covid -19 positive cases in my country have more than doubled to 38, one person has passed on and one person has fully healed from the virus.