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Dear esteemed followers of this blog, we are honoured to embark on a new focus area for the month of April 2020 in this blog dubbed, “Be still, in the quiet, in the still.’’ During this moment in time we will be sharing spiritual nuggets to keep our spirits uplifted during this low moment in all of humanity of the corona Covid-9 virus.

In this month of April, it is avocado harvest season in my beloved country Kenya. My late father planted an avocado tree that has just borne its first fruits and is one of my inspirations as I slow it down in partial lock down in our country. During my extra time from the partial lock down I have been exploring different ways of making use of the avocado fruit as a balm to my family’s physical body and spirit.

One thing that we indulged in recently is some avocado and honey body treatment, we hope you try it too.

Pure unadulterated honey from Ukambani, Kenya
Daddy’s first avocados from Kisii County, Kenya
Body scrub
Your regular soap or body wash

Preparing the concoction
1.Get one ripe avocado mush it up to a smooth cream.
2.Add three heaped table spoons of pure unadulterated honey.
3.Blend to a mash like concoction.

Take a shower. For maximum effect and the full home spa treatment, have a body scrub first then shower.
Apply the above concoction to your body gently massaging in the concoction. Nourish and appreciate the body your parents blessed you with.
Sit in your birthday suit for around fifteen minutes enjoying blog posts or relaxing listening to some good music or better still just sitting still.
Let the natural oils of avocado replenish your skin and the natural healing properties of honey heal your skin.
Rinse off with regular soap or body wash, oil and nourish your skin. Dress up in some simple isolation glam, enjoy the rest of your isolation day.
The above routine should be done with no rush as you are in a state of relaxation and self love perfect for these lock down conditions.

“Lock down sikuajichilia, lock down ni kujipamper”
(Trans. Lock down does not mean letting oneself go, it means self love)

‘Wacha niKwambie’
April 2020 – ‘Be still, in the quiet, in the still’
Spiritual nuggets in the corona Covid-19 virus pandemic

© Kwambie Nyambane, April 2020
P.S: The same treat can be given to your spouse, partner or children.